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5 Ideas to Make your Home Ready for the Holi Party!

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Holi Party Ideas

holi ideas

Holi is a color that drives your inner happiness and leaves a positive vibe for everyone. It’s a festival of fun and excitement, which you spend with your friends and family. It’s a festival that leads to a wild play of colors. With the festival around the corner, along with stalking up tons of colors, it’s the best time to infuse some colors into your home decor.  It’s the ideal time to give a vibrant touch to your home décor and add colorful zing to your home.

holi ideas wall hangings

1. Furnishings: Holi is considered to be a festival of colors, so now is the time to add a splash of colors to your home. It will add to the look and give a festive vibe. Replace the old sofas with new colorful, richer and brighter fabric ones to get the festive feel.  If you don’t want any permanent changes why not change the curtain colors or opt for colorful bedding to your home. You can add a touch of the festive season by using beautiful bright cushions for your sofa. The best way is also by adorning your table with fresh flowers that will enlighten the look of your house. Get more creative by using a fancy bowl and showering it with flower petals.  You can also decorate your house with colorful paper lanterns.

2. Flooring: Of course, don’t skip the floors while adorning your house. Use colorful rugs and even make a Rangoli add to the festive charm. Pick up a color that complements your home décor, accessories, and even cushions. Use colourful, cotton rugs to make sure that your floor stays cool throughout the warmer months and are easy to maintain.

3. Lightening: Holi is a festival that starts from the day and extends till the evening. Decorate and paint your empty wine bottles and add fairy lights in them. Invest in those lovely lanterns that radiate a luminous glow. Use lamps to create a good ambiance and add scented candles to make the place look elegant and sophisticated. If you have plans of those pre-and post-Holi dinners, then adding garden torch can be a perfect idea. It can beautifully illuminate the outdoor space while giving a mashal-like effect.

garden lightening ideas wall shelves & shelf brackets

4. Wall hanging: Use decorative wall hanging to add style and enhance your décor. They will make the place look beautiful and add color to a plain wall. After all, the festival is all about adding colours and spreading warmth.



5. Accoutrements: In addition, explore a range of colour accessories and colorize your home, this Holi. A decorative vase, an antique frame or something completely out of the box that can accentuate your home décor. But, if you are still pondering where you will put these, then add some colourful, floating wall shelves at home. It gives you extra decoration space and helps you design your home as per the festive flavor.

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