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Redesign your home with Blinds Collection

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How To Choose The Perfect Blinds

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Every home is different and every home deserves a different treatment. Something that may look good in your neighbour or friends home, may completely be out of place in your home. So, changes are good, but replicate or make changes, which will blend well with your home décor. One such defining change in every home is the window treatment. The way you treat the windows defines the very ambience and appearance of your home. So, if redesigning your home is on your mind, then start with windows and you can easily plan the rest of the décor around it. If you already have curtains adorning your windows, then give window blinds a try. Perfect for the summer season, they cover the room window edge to edge, providing the much- needed relief from hot, summer sun rays. Blinds are functionally and aesthetically proven. They add to the room décor, while helping you keep it warm or cold, just as you fancy.

window roller blinds

Deco Window has launched a completely new and varied range of window blinds. You can choose something perfect, something unique for every window of your home. Below is an insight into our newest and beauteous collection.

1. Roller Blinds: These types of blinds fit into the top casing of the window and are made of a single piece of fabric. Coming with a cord, operating these blinds is easy. The Deco Window roller blinds come with a beaded chain to enhance the appeal. As you pull this chain, the roller blinds will neatly roll-up giving you the perfect view from the window. Sleek, neat and compact, with roller blinds you have the option to roll-up the blind completely or partially. So, you can easily monitor the flow of light and enjoy your privacy to your fancy. Perfect for home and office use, they look beautiful on the patio and bay windows. Versatile and practical, it is the easiest way of transforming a contemporary home.

2. Zebra Blinds: Marvel the idea of diffused light and privacy in your home, then the Zebra blinds are designed for your home. These are also roller blinds, but they allow you to transit between light and dark in a classy fashion. Basically, you can adjust a Zebra blind between its semi-opaque and sheer fabric design. For instance, in the case of Deco Window Zebra roller blind, there are dual layers i.e. 2 ¾ inches to 3-inch semi-opaque and sheer woven fabric, respectively. And with this striped fabric, you can create an open and close effect. So, just pull the chain to allow the flow of sunlight from alternate stripes or enjoy absolute privacy. Moreover, with Zebra blinds you also have the freedom to allow a little light flow in the room, which is not the case with roller blinds.

3. Automatic Roman Blinds: The go-to-option for that classy touch in your home. With the potential of transforming any dull space into bright and vivid one, it is the way they fold up that makes them perfect for that traditional touch in your home. Usually made of thick fabrics, they offer the perfect insulation and add instant elegance to a room. The Deco Window ones come with the automatic feature too, making it an ideal addition to a contemporary and traditional set-up. The automatic blinds can be folded up and down at the press of a button. So, operate your windows in style, while lounging and lazing.

zebra blinds automatic blinds

You can view the range of Roller, Zebra and automatic Roman blinds, here and discover the best option for your home, from your home. The Deco Window’s latest collection comes as a blessing for modern homes. Readymade and easy to install, you can choose the window roller blinds as per colour and size, and redesign your home, instantly. Moreover, with the onset of summers, everyone is on the lookout of options, which provide the right blend of style and functionality. These blinds offer you the best of both, so just view, order and revamp your home to your taste and grace.

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