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Door Bottom Seal, Your Options Simplified

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Door bottom seal

Well, summers are definitely one of the most preferred seasons. Other than the bright sunshine, which keeps you energetic and lively, it is also the time when you can go swim and throw those evening parties in your own patio. But, come summer, come huge electricity bills and the unwanted insects, pests, and lizards. Yes, everything comes with strings attached and these are the negatives of this season. And do you know,

1. 0.4 cm gap permits entry of insects and spiders

2. 0.6 cm gap allows mice entry insects and spiders

3. 1.3 cm gap is big enough for the rat to come home

Door bottom seal

Why Door Seal?

Yes, that tiny little gap is the culprit here inviting these pests, rodents and mice in your beautiful dwelling. And it is this small gap between the door bottom and surface, which shows the exit to the chilled air conditioner air. It is for this reason and of course the rising temperatures, which keep your AC running on all through the day, leaving you with those huge electricity bills month after month. So, is getting the door repaired the only option? Well, we simplify it for you with the Deco Window Door Seal. It will play the dual role of pest and energy management in your home.

Door Seal, Its Many Benefits

A door bottom seal can completely cover this gap between the door bottom and surface, which wreaks havoc in your home, indirectly. These door seals are usually made of aluminium and the Deco Window one also comes with nylon brushes. So, it is a sturdy mechanism of preventing rats, insects, and lizards from coming inside your home. It is also effective in stopping dust and germs from penetrating into your home, helping you in keeping it spick and span. So, this multi-utilitarian door bottom seal can come to your aid in more ways than you can imagine.

Design & Durability

Along with serving various purposes, this door seal is well-designed to blend well with different types of doors. Coming in a variety of colour options, you can opt for one that goes with the door colour. So, this takes care of the aesthetics part. In addition, it is designed in a manner that you can screw it on wood, PVC and fabricated doors, and for glass door use a double tape to stick it. Perfectly designed, this durable door brush seal will provide protection for a long time to come.


Door Seal by Deco Window

You can view the many options of door seals at Deco Window, here. There are different colour options and for the installation process, you can click here. In case, this door weather seal is longer than the size of your door bottom, then this process guide will come to your assistance. So, whether it is that balcony door or main door of your house, which has this gap, take care of it with this simplified solution.

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