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Styling your Home with Wall Shelves

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Decorating with Wall Shelves

wall shelves

Wall shelves, which once upon a time were floated with intent of added storage have now become a décor element too. Its functionality has been morphed by the décor world. You can transform them into fundamental, décor pieces in your home with just a sense of balance. No, we are not saying you can’t use it for storage, but twist things a bit and have them as style statements in your home décor.

Here are ways how you can stylize your home with wooden shelves

The Shelf Set-Up: The placement of the shelve itself plays an important role. So, before you start nailing it on the wall, have a layout in mind, explore the different designs and then put it. You can make up a wall corner or wall shelves design on the centre of the wall. Put them at an equal-distance or varying heights to give a cohesive look and feel.

wooden shelves wall shelves online

Decorate, Don’t Dump: These days you get lovely, decorative wall shelves, which can convert any dusty corner into a focal point. So, don’t treat them for dumping everything and anything you want. Instead, decorate them and make it bright and beautiful. Put some picture memories on one shelve and maybe souvenirs on the other. But, don’t overdo as minimalism is the key, it’s trending big these days.

Make it Diverse: Use the wall shelves for storage and decoration purpose by putting different things on it. Don’t restrict to books or décor pieces. Rather, intersperse floating wall shelves with books and objects. It will break the monotony by creating an interesting balance and a visual delight.

decorative wall shelves

Create a Colour Theme: While, you create product diversity on the wall shelves, think of a colour theme to get that balance. Don’t group similar colours rather, think of a varied theme of colours and spread them on the hanging shelves to achieve equilibrium. 

Preserve Art: Those childhood paintings and artwork of your little ones, yes, we are talking about preserving that art. Put small wall shelves at varying lengths and have childhood doodles as an art gallery in your kid’s room. A different form of décor it will add colours and memories.

Accessorize any Wall: Versatile and multi-utilitarian, you can put a  shelf on any wall, in a line of the staircase and put items that reflect your personality. From your favourite mug to a family photo, you can put just about anything on them and let it reflect your personality, your taste. 

If you want such versatile, colourful and sturdy wall shelves for your home, then check our latest collection here. has some exquisite pieces, which will grace your home and add functional value. So, store your stuff in style and give your home a beautiful look with curated displays. And accentuate with shelving brackets to enhance their grace, manifold. 

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