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Summer Ready your Bathroom in Just One Day

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Summers are here and the rising temperatures outside require a quick home makeover. Every room of your house calls for a summer remodelling. While, we often go all out in giving a swanky touch to the bedroom and living room, but leave the bathroom décor untouched. In contemporary home décor, bathrooms are an extension of the rest of the home and deserve careful designing and décor. Here are some simple yet stylish ways of making your bathroom summer ready in just a day or even less.

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1. Change the Shower Curtains: They have a big impact on your bathroom. Shower curtains literally define the bathroom’s ambience, so changing it with the new season is essential. Go for shower curtains in light colours, floral prints and patterns. It will help to create a calm and soothing ambience, giving the whole space a chic and crisp feel in the hot, summer weather. But, if you don’t like to go for an all subtle look, then infuse some bold prints. As far as colours are concerned, sticking to the neutral palette is the key.

2. A Shower Rod, A Statement Piece: Along with the shower curtains, changing the shower rod is essential too. Ensure that the shower rod is in subtle tone and blends well with the new shower curtain. If you did not think about changing the old one, then it’s time you do as the shower curtain and rod, together will pull up space. Yes, that little rod up there has the potential of working as a statement piece in your bathroom décor, so choose it wisely.

3. Let the Light Inside the Bathroom: Summer is just the time when you should allow that sunlight to filter inside every room. It feels lively and bright, and the bathroom deserves it too. So, if you had those dark colour blinds and curtains covering the bathroom window, then change it to something lighter and allow the light in for the perfect summer bathroom decor.

4. A Summery Scent It Is: With these summer décor trends, you can also revamp by infusing some summery scents, which can do wonders for space. You can opt for citrus, floral and ocean scents to give a light and pleasant touch to the bathroom. These can also work as the perfect alternative to scented candles, which can do magic to the bathroom during winters.

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5. Natural, Colourful Hue: Nature has its own charm and adding a natural element in the bathroom can work well too. You can opt for a bright, colourful plant by the window to add some perkiness and reflect the mood of the season along with the other bathroom décor ideas.

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These are some of the easy, breezy means of making your bathroom summer ready, quickly and without much effort. It is simply the play of colours and elements, which can help you achieve the summer look, with ease. If you are looking for such summery bathroom shower curtains, window curtains, blinds and adjustable shower curtain rods, then Deco Window has a lot in store for you. Start browsing here, to summer-ready your bathroom and share with us if it helped you refurbish your bathroom, this summer.

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