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Talk of Perfect Curtains

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Curtains that are lifted by persistent breeze flutters few moments of tranquillity into the turbulent day. Their eye-catching design, best quality fibres, and the overall finish give an adorable look to your interior decor. They also frame your view beautifully and help to create a feeling of exuberance thus decorating your window. Along with these features, curtains filter the contaminated air coming inside your room thus promotes a healthy respiration. When you want sun rays inside your room then it prevents harmful UV rays that are the main cause of skin cancer to enter your room. There are certain points that can be taken care before you buy curtains.

Understand the Colors

Now day’s curtains are used in every room, whether it is a bathroom or bedroom, kitchen or storeroom, living room or guest room, office or drawing room. For different rooms, various genres of curtains are used. For illustration let’s consider curtains for living room.

A living room or sitting room or lounge is the place for your guests. This room mirrors your living style. The first thing you should consider before buying curtains for your living room is the color of your interiors. Always purchase curtains that match the colour of your interiors. For example, light the colour is mostly preferred for the living room, so for that a bright shaded color the curtain will suit a lot but if your drawing room has bright colors then prefer light shade color curtain will go perfectly with it. Likewise considering curtains for bedroom, if your bedroom has wooden finishing then light green curtains having floral designs will give a nature’s touch to the entire place. Also, it’s common that sunlight will fade the color of fabrics over time. If your room gets lots of light, then it’s smart to use light color fibres, since they do not fade faster.

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Balance the weight of Fabric

A weight of the fabric is an essential part of choosing curtains because the material dictates the functionality of curtain and its durability. If they are too heavy, they may not let the air enter your room and thus will create a suffocating atmosphere. Also, they will create a translucent effect when there is low light. If curtains are too light they may not fall well. They can also be blown away by low-intensity air. So we should prefer curtains made from medium weighted fibres.

Suitable Fabrics for Various Rooms

Type of Fabric for curtains depends on the place where the curtains will be used and for what purpose it is being used. Like silk, linen, velvet and faux silk curtains have a proper grip over curtain rodsFaux silk doesn’t deteriorate quickly, thus they are most durable. So, curtains made of these fabrics are the best choices to use for windows. If you want the chilly air not to innervate in your room then shop curtains made up of Suede, Tapestry, Velvet and Tweed fabrics. These will surely work because they are tightly woven and thus provide a dense barrier against chilly outdoor air. Similarly, if you want to insulate your room from outdoor heat, then light weighted curtains made up from linen, lace and sheer cotton will work because they are loosely woven and allow a cool breeze to enter your rooms.

curtains and drapes curtains designs

Length Matters

Before buying curtains take an exact measure of windows or doors starting from the hanging panels to the sill of the door and a little bit more than the sill of the window. Always keep in mind that hanging panels higher than the window\door will give a sense of height to the room. Often hanging panels are fixed six to eight inches above the window\door frame to give a dynamic look. When measuring the width of your window, be sure to add four to eight inches on both sides and double the total number to ensure curtain fullness. If you are using curtains to insulate your room from outdoor heat then, those extra inches around the perimeter of your window frame will also help block out any creeping light.

Give Priority to Your Privacy

Now day’s sheer drapes are considered as the best window attire. Actually, they are wonderful but only for specific areas. They are the best outfit for your windows/doors when privacy doesn’t have priority but if you want to have little privacy then using sheer drapes is not a smart man’s thing. Especially bedrooms should never have sheer drapes and neither bathroom. In these places, the best attire for your window will be darker drape or heavy weighted curtains that cover everything and gives priority to your privacy.

Shop from Where Curtain is Shopped does Matter

Curtains are not an ordinary piece of fabrics that can be purchased from anywhere, in fact, we should not purchase any curtain fabric from random stores. They must be purchased from a trusted shop that promotes genuine products. If you are buying curtains for the first time then shop a single piece and use it for two or three days to check the quality. Also, you will get an idea related to the colors and designs of curtains.

If you are fully satisfied with your selection then only buy curtains for your home from that store. Also, remember one thing, don’t put the same curtains into every room just check that whether it is going with the décor or not. If you are an old buyer or an expert buyer then shop from the trusted store or you may hover to another shop but first gain the trust of that store. Anyways if you prefer money as well as quality then you can buy curtains online from trusted and most rated online curtain shops. At last but not the least ask for the suggestions from your family members, friends and near ones. It will help you to decide about the perfect décor.

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