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The Five Secrets About Why to Choose Automatic Roman Blinds for Your Home

Posted on in Blog- Deco Window Online Store by Deco Seo

Choosing the Best Roller Blinds

automatic blinds

We are all living in a technology-driven world. Gone are the days of doing things manually. Now, you can make a phone call without using the dialer pad. The smartphones are becoming smarter, your home is filling up with appliances which use plug and play technology. In fact, there is an all-new concept of smart homes these days. The lights will turn on the moment you enter the room; the gas will turn off in event of any leakage detecting the threat on its own. Yes, such is the advancement in technology, which is penetrating into the world of home décor ideas, too.

window blinds

Blinds & Home Décor
Central to décor of every home is the window treatment. The way the windows are done defines the taste and personality of the homeowners. It is like a framework of the room. Some designers say, if you are confused about the decor of any room, then start with the windows. Choose the window treatment ideas: colour, fabric and plan the rest of the décor around it. Such is the potential of window’s décor in a room.

roman blinds

One such form of window treatment, which is gaining prominence is blinds. They have been a part of the décor world for a long time. But, they are being preferred more now for the evolution and transformation they have undergone. Blinds now come in different makes giving a lot of scope of choice in terms of fabric, design, and colour. Moreover, there are different types of blinds coming these days, including Roman, Roller and Zebra blinds. In this blog, let’s focus and gather an insight into Roman blinds and automatic window blinds in home décor.

Roman Blinds
Imparting elegance to windows, Roman blinds are a popular and preferred form of window treatment. Coming in practical designs, there is a distinct, visual appeal about these coverings. These blinds come in different fabrics and colours, making it easy to add them in every room of your home and giving it a distinct appeal. Being an elegant form of window covering idea, it looks great in a living room as also in the bedroom. In fact, it can be a great addition to the bathroom and kitchen, as well. However, you will have to be cautious in choosing the material. The make should be such that it can withstand the humidity of the bathroom space. Likewise, for the kitchen, it should be easy to clean and maintain.

automatic roman blinds

Moreover, the way of operating makes them discreet. It comes with cords, which when pulled rises up to meet the bottom dowel with the one above it. The cords and channels are neatly placed on the rear side of the blind and are not visible from the front. It’s a simple and effective construction technique makes fabric Roman shades the perfect window treatment for every room, every home.

Automatic Roman Blinds
You can draw open these blinds manually and automatically. In fact, automatic Roman blinds are becoming a must-have in every smart home. You don’t walk around the house every morning to open the blinds for ventilation. Rather, you draw to open the window coverings at the press of a button. There is an automatic blind kit made of aluminium on which you can put a blind of your choice. To operate it, there are remotes with different channel options. So, you can easily operate more than one window with this remote.

Benefits of Automatic Roman Blinds

These automatic Roman blinds are becoming a preferred form of window treatment at home and in commercial spaces, for the following benefits

1. Ease of Operation: Automation definitely makes life much easier. When it comes to window blinds if you can open or close them without moving, will it not be an absolute luxury? Control every shade of your home with a remote. Just press a button to open or close the blind with remote control shades. It is not just a time saver but will help you control the complete window without even moving an inch. Planning those movie nights at home will be more fun when you can ensure that there is no light filtering inside the room from those difficult to reach window corners. You can cover the windows edge to edge at the press of a button.

remote control blinds

2. Absolute Privacy: Making it ideal for your bedroom is its benefit to complete privacy. Just lower the automatic shades before you hit the bed and have the complete window covered. The best part about automatic Roman blinds is that they cover the entire window space. There is no scope of sneak peaks happening from the corners. This makes it perfect for bedroom and bathroom space, where you don’t want to compromise on your privacy.

roller shades

3. Energy Efficient: As remote blinds cover the windows completely; they turn out to be an energy efficient proposition. You can draw them open partly or fully. So, if in the afternoon you have your air conditioner running, but don’t want to use the light in the room, draw them open partly and have natural light in the room. Likewise, during winters, you can have them open during the day for the house to be warm and cozy, avoiding the use of heaters. It is a quick and easy way of conserving energy and saving your money.

remote control blinds

4. Safe & Secure: The cords of the automatic window shades are neatly tucked on the rear side. This makes it safe in a house where there are young kids. There are no loose cords, so there is no scope of getting entangled. Moreover, they are neatly hung against the window giving more floor space. It is a perfectly safe option if you have kids or pets at home.

5. Create the Ambience: Remote control window blinds come in various colour and fabric options, so you can choose as per the existing home décor and create the ambience you desire. Besides, you can set mood lighting, convert your living room into a movie theatre or have a lit-up bedroom for that tete-e-tea with your bestie in your bedroom.

roman blind kit solar charger

A perfect functional and decorative window treatment, it can be ideal for every home. It offers the privacy, blocks and filters sunlight and protects your furniture and home against heat. Moreover, made with measurements it covers the window completely and performs the functions, the best. Along with being a functional accessory, these types of window shades also enhance the elegance of a space. Neat and tidy, it maximizes the space in your home.

Automatic Roman Blinds by Deco Window
Now that you know about the many benefits of automatic Roman blinds and plan to install them, you can explore a number of options at Deco Window. This functional and decorative window accessory features three main components. It comes with Roman blind kit, adaptor, and remote. The Roman blind kit comes with different colour and length options. So, you can choose as per the size of the window frame and colour, which will blend with your home colour and décor. In addition, there is an adaptor for battery pole and motor with these types of roller blinds. At Deco Window, there are also solar chargers for the battery. In addition, to operate your blinds while lazing on the couch there are two types of remote control options. There is a five and 15 channel remote. So, you can operate five or 15 windows from a single remote. Omnidirectional, you can operate the windows from a distance and through obstacles like a wall. For instance, the 15 channel RF comes with 200 meters outdoor and 35 meters indoor control distance.

adapter for blinds remote control blinds

You can easily view all these products online from and choose as per your home requirements. Decide if you want to motorize all the windows or just certain rooms? It is also important to check the price range of these types of window treatments. Then, plan a budget to revamp the home windows. Give a classy, stylish touch to your home with these automatic Roman blinds, and transform your house into a smart home.

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