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5 Things to Know Before You Buy Shower Curtains

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Shower curtain buying tips

shower curtain designs

When it comes to buying shower curtains for a bathroom, we tend to go by the looks and take the decision. We don’t think much! But, is this the right approach to buy shower curtains? Well, maybe not. If you want the shower curtain to brighten up your bathroom space for a long time to come, then you should ponder over it. Try to have a handy list of things to consider and know before you buy shower curtains. After all, a shower curtain is a quick and easy way of making a partition in the bathroom and changing the very appearance of the bathroom space.

Shower curtain buying tips

Here are 5 things, which can save you from buying a wrong shower curtain or from changing it frequently.

1. The Size Does Matter: When you plan to buy curtains for your living room, you will always dig out the measuring tape and get the exact measurements. The same holds true for the bathroom, as well. You should decide if you want floor length bathroom curtains or something that will just touch the lips of the bathtub. Accordingly, you should take the measurement before heading out to buy the shower curtains. The standard size is 180x180 cm, but if you have tall ceilings or the curtain rod is hung higher, then you need to look for customizable options.

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2. The Make is Important: In choosing the bathroom shower curtains, more than the looks, you should pay attention to the make. Due to high moisture and humidity levels in the bathroom, the chances of mold are higher in the bathroom curtain. This may not be avoidable all together, but opting for something which is easy to clean and maintain will make your task easy. As far as possible, try to opt for polyester fabric shower curtains, which you can easily wash in the machine.

3. The Rings Can’t Be Ignored: Whether you are buying bathroom shower curtains, which come with rings or you will end up buying separately, try to opt for ones in which you can slide it easily. The grommets should be large enough to slide directly over the rod. Besides, shower curtain rings also in different makes. You can choose between plastic and metal variety in solid or decorative colours.

4. The Colour, The Design: To give your bathroom a quick makeover with shower curtains, you will need to consider the colour and pattern, carefully. You should try to look for options, which will blend beautifully with the existing bathroom décor. If the tiles and paint in the bathroom are in subtle shades, then experimenting with patterned designer shower curtains will be worth it.

5. The Other Considerations: Along with the above, you should think about opting for liners to enhance the shelve life of the shower curtains. In addition, try to look for mildew resistant shower curtain so that the bathroom doesn’t convert into a mold breeding ground. Even when it comes to the eyelets try to opt for rust resistant variety.

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Keep the above points handy when you start the search for bathroom curtains. If you are looking for a beautiful and stylish shower curtain variety, which is easy to maintain, then see the options at Deco Window. There are shower curtains coming in standard size with rings, and you will just need to put them in the bathroom. In terms of colour and patterns, you will be spoiled with choices. Other features include water repellent, easy wash at home with cold water and dry in shade. Wash them and have them sparkling your bathroom, again. Made of polyester, the eyelets are also rust resistant. So, this one purchase can last and adorn your bathroom for a long time to come.

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