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TIEBACK are a beautiful accessory to enhance your curtain

Posted on in Blog- Deco Window Online Store byPriyanshi Jain

TIEBACK – A beautiful accessory to enhance your curtain

Final touches are very significant when it comes to dressing your windows and never more so than with curtains. Further touches and accessories can really make a window treatment stand out and make all the difference between a stunning looking window and a absolutely average and lack luster one! Make your home stylish and elegant with timeless accessories. Adding just tie-backs can make your curtains stand out and look amazing. Tiebacks have both functional and decorative benefit, its filter’s sunlight as well as give privacy to your room. Tiebacks can easily be pulled back if you require sunlight in your room and it can be out back again if you want to enjoy your sleep and have privacy. -
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What are tiebacks?
The places with small space in your home can be enhanced by adding dramatic colors like red, bright pink if there is a window in that small area add curtains of dramatic colors that will help make that space the focal point of your home. If there is a wall you can add a shelf and place articles on it. It will make the small area look fuller and nice.

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How to use tieback?
The precise height of the tieback installation depends on a person’s personal taste and preference, it is usually placed half way or one third from the floor distance to the top of the curtain. To ensure the right height of the tiebacks use measuring tape and pencil to mark the distance and ensure uniformity in every curtain in a room. A Tieback with loops can be installed by hammering a thin nail and the one, take out one end of the tieback from the nail and assemble the curtain away from your room window and tie the tieback around it in a loop around the nail. A tieback without a loop can be easily tightened around the curtain with no have to wrap the rope or fabric at leave double times around the crumbled curtain and tie it from the front. Grab some curtain from the top part of the tieback to create a stunning draping effect. So in a nutshell, its simple to install tiebacks. A curtain is first pleated in soft folds and once its folded, tiebacks are placed around all the pleats to hold them in place giving the curtains a softly curved draped effect which is highly attractive, it also helps to give shape to the window.

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Shop online for wide range of living room curtains and designer curtains.
Varieties of tiebacks
Deco window offers a great variety of tiebacks to choose from, there are more than 10 designs of tiebacks according to your preferences. Tieback corum ivory beige champagne Tieback acrylic multi sage mix Tieback contemporary gold mix Tieback emerald Bangle Tieback tuscany Tieback jodha Ellora tieback Surya tieback Mughal tieback Tieback flute Dholak tieback Double tieback Medallion tieback Poly tieback Rope tiebacks

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What are tassels?
What are tassels? A Curtain Tassel is a decorative piece that can be added to adorn your curtain, its the best accessories embellishment this season. Tassels have been the trend this season and they have been popping on every fashion enthusiastic Instagram news feed. It has become the style this season, a must have accessories for girls. I personally feel that these tiebacks help to add some catchy movement to a look and also add color to your dull boring outfit. It's something who wouldn’t miss to style yourself the classy and elegant way. Deco Window provides you with amazing trendy ideas to follow with tassel this season, Tassel as jewelry- its considered cool to wear these hanging tassel earnings, extremely lightweight and easy to wear, adding a stunning touch to your simple dull outfit. Tassel in handbacks - High-end luxury brands like Gucci have come up with tassel hanging bags which are extremely stylish and modern. You can easily purchase tassels from deco window and hand it to your bag. Its simple right, get the luxury bag look without spending a fortune. Tassel accessories - They are numerous ways to use tassels, simple hacks can be for your keychains or for bookmarks. Tassel shoes - tassels can be used to design your shoes the unique way. Tassel Dresses - long sleeves with hanging tassels are in style tassel for cushions - follow the DIY way to decorate your cushions by switching tassels all around. A change of style is thus necessary and going the deco window’s way is just perfect. Do incorporate tassels this season to stay on the trend and be fabulous. Deco window offers a wide range of options for tassels to choose from, shop now at Decowindow Online

What are holdbacks?
Holdback is made of metal and is not bendable or flexible, they are generally rigid. They help to tuck the curtain and thus help in creating a clean look. Holdbacks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Here are some of our most desire ones – A studded beaded holdback with silver / brown and black color A round black matt finish holdbacks Black ball black matt holdback Holdback add a classic finish to your curtain, the wooden holdbacks are the best selling ones which are modern, elegant and unique at the same time. They also come in lovely scroll pattern adding sophisticated touch to your curtain. It's the idealistic way to enhance your decor at affordable ranges. Holdbacks have simple installation and long-lasting durability.

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To make your task of matching a tieback /holdback with an existing curtain easy, our tie backs come in color mixes i.e. they would never be in a solid color, instead will have multiple shades and tints. This designing strategy has been adopted primarily for customer benefit.

Understanding the requirements of modern-day customers, we have carefully done the price range for our exclusive and exquisite curtain tiebacks. You can get any tieback in the range of Rs 199 for a pair to 1299. It all depends on the size, workmanship and raw material. So, you will have more than enough to choose from.

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