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Tips and Tricks to Hang Curtains

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The right window treatment is essential to complete a room’s décor. After all, beauty lies in detail and everything that houses a room should be carefully chosen to make the room look, truly beautiful. The window curtains also have the potential to transform a room completely. It is for this reason that if you want to make a room lively and vivid, then adding bright curtains is considered a safe bet. So, the right window treatment can actually make and break a room. But, when we say window treatment, it is not only restricted to the kind of curtains but also the way they are put. Yes, you need to pay careful attention to the way you hang the curtains otherwise, they will not do any good to the room décor and feel. So, below are some useful tips and tricks to hang the curtains right and transforming a dull window into a show stopper look.

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Tip 1: Hang it High, Hang it Wide: When it comes to hanging a curtain, you should take the measurements slightly high and wide from the actual window frame. If you place the curtain higher, then it gives the illusion of more height to the room. Likewise, if you put the rod, a few inches more than the actual window frame width, it gives the feel of a bigger window. Moreover, whenever you pull back the door window curtains, you will get a complete, unperturbed view. Otherwise, when you pull back the curtains, they will rest on the window, itself. So, to give the feel of bigger and longer window, you need to follow this trick of hanging the curtains right.

Tip 2: Leave Gap Underneath: Deciding the curtain length is important when it comes to hanging them perfectly on the window panel. You should ideally hang the curtains ½ inch above the floor. This way it will give the feel of length with curtains almost touching the floor and cleaning the area underneath will be easy. A ½ inch gap works perfect for cleaning and mopping the area.

Tip 3: Creative Hem Finishing: Before you hang the home curtains, you need to adjust the length with different creative finishing’s. Among others, for that traditional effect, you can go for curtains 9-10 inches long, so that they form a puddle at the bottom. The extra fabric is just left puffed on the floor. The other option is a trouser kick hem finish. In this case, the curtains are approximately 3 inches longer than the frame, just touching the floor and giving the height effect. This is one of the most popular and common forms of hem finishing given to curtains. But, just ensure that the curtains are not the exact size of the window frame or short, otherwise, they will give the effect of a low ceiling.


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Tip 4: Window Hardware: Along with the curtains, you need to choose the window hardware carefully too. The curtain rod, the finials should be in synchronization with the overall room décor. They should look like an extension of the room décor. Something completely different will look out of place. So, if you have wooden rods, then ensure that the room houses something of a similar make. Likewise, choose the finials in contemporary or traditional finishing as per the room essence.

Tip 5: Iron the Curtains: Finally, before you hang the living room curtains, remember to iron them and hang it neatly. Thinking that the creases will come eventually and put them straight out of the packaging will not be right.

With these tips and tricks, you can hang the curtains in the right manner and make the windows central to the room décor. If you are looking for varied curtain design patterns and window hardware, then you can view the range at Deco Window. There are a variety of plain and printed curtains in different colour options, and you can check the collection by clicking here. Likewise, for curtain rods and finials too you will be spoiled with choices. Check the range here, use the above tips and hang the curtains to perfection giving every room of your home a splendid look.

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