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Posted on in Blog- Deco Window Online Store by sarabjeet dua

Moving heavy furniture is generally viewed as a hassle. You get sweaty, you might strain your back, and you have to enlist your friends to help. Now, keep in mind that moving heavy furniture by yourself doesn’t mean you are actually completely on your own—just that you don’t have professional movers helping you out. Heavy and bulky items are the most difficult as you combine weight with low maneuverability. What a relief it is once you get that bed, desk, or couch to the right floor!


First, there are certain things you simply should not move upstairs by yourself, no matter how strong and in shape you are. Items that are both heavy and large need two people to carry them. The best way to move heavy furniture, which coincides with the easiest way to move furniture as well, is to let top-rated movers do it for you. However, if professional moving assistance is just not the right way for you, then the following hand-picked moving day safety tips for moving furniture should keep you injury-free until you reach the protection of your new home.


Most of the problem items will be the big things, like dressers, couches, desks, and mattresses. When possible, carry these high and low when going up stairs. You’re not the first one to have to figure out how to move heavy furniture by yourself, and that’s good news because it means there are some great innovations out there for DIY movers.


If you're putting off redecorating or cleaning your room because you dread moving the furniture, sliders will help you get the job done with minimal effort. No need to worry about back pain from lifting a too-heavy item or scratches on your hardwood floor. And if you don't like the placement, with sliders you won't mind moving it again.


Safety when moving furniture is of paramount importance – disregard the major safety moving tips and you may find yourself in a world of pain.As much as you can, carry heavy furniture close to your body, not away from it. This accomplishes a few things, including helping your body maintain balance and getting your upper arms and shoulders involved in the task (a much better alternative to your forearms).

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