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Tips for the Perfect Bedding Set for Diwali

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Diwali is one festival when we have the urge to give a complete makeover to our home. Of course, getting the walls painted and changing the furniture takes place as and when required, but when it’s Diwali time most of us introduce new curtains, bedding sets, cushions and other décor items. These linens and décor pieces can easily give a new and Diwali-ready look to your home. Well, with cushions and other embellishments, you can opt for ones, which you like and go with the home ambience. But, when it comes to choosing the bedding set there is much more you will have to consider. What goes inside the bedroom should be a fine blend of style, comfort, and preference? 

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Here are some tips that will come handy in choosing the perfect bedding set for your home, for Diwali

1. Choose your Style: Before we discuss the make and bedding colour, it is important that we help you recognize your style. Whether you like that charcoal grey bed cover or English garden style one? The charcoal grey bedding set will give a contemporary vibe to your room and the English garden style, a classy touch. So, depending upon your style you should make the choice. If you think you are not able to infuse your favourite colour simply because it changes the feel of the room, try them in the form of accent cushions and pillows. A pop of colour looks and feels nice, so you can try it carefree.

2. Give Comfort Precedence: You end up spending a substantial amount of time in your bedroom, so what looks good to the eyes will not be comfortable, as well. So ensure that the king size bed sets you choose are truly comforting. The best way to do a quick check is by touching and feeling it and checking the thread count. If the touch is soft and smooth one, then go for it. Just the way you check that T-shirt fabric how much ever you like it, a similar approach should be adopted towards the room bedding.

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3. Solid Colour or Patterned Bedspreads: Once you know your style and like the comfort of the bedding set, then choose whether you want a solid colour or patterned one. A solid colour king size bedding should be your preference if you want that Zen touch in your bedroom. Elegant and simple, it is the perfect way of infusing style and ease. Patterned bedspreads on the other hand, are great for giving that traditional and romantic touch to the bedroom. You can easily add solid colours using a patterned bedding set making your bedroom, fresh and lively. It can also make a good addition for Diwali. 

4. The Fabric: It should complement the bedroom style. Sheen and jacquard fabrics can be great for a formal touch. Moreover, it can give a glamorous feel to the bedroom, while brightening it. Whereas, fabrics such as velvet absorb light and will not be a good choice if you like a bright room.

5. Coordinated or Contrasting: When it comes to choosing the bedding set, you can actually go all matchy-matchy or give an eclectic touch to the bedroom. There are bed covers online with a matched appearance. Though there is slight mixing of patterns and textures, overall it gives a homogeneous feel. However, if you prefer a contrasting set, then look for something which is not totally random and has one or two unifying colours

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Get going and give your bedroom the festive feel. You can opt for a bright and eclectic bed cover or a subtle, coordinated one, which can grace your bedroom post Diwali, as well. If you are looking for bedding sets for your home, then explore the luxury range by Deco Window and spruce-up your bedroom. Made of jacquard fabric our bedspreads offer that luxe and bright effect and coming in moss, light blue and beige hues they are ideal in a contemporary and traditional set-up. Browse through the range of bedding online at and give your bedroom a tasteful touch, this Diwali.

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