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Tips to Choose the Perfect Bedding, This Summer

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Come summers and it’s time to switch to a lighter wardrobe and lightest bedding. Just the way, we end up revamping our summer clothing line, it is essential to change the bedding collection too. Aesthetics and from a comfort point of view choosing the perfect bedding for summers is important. After all, you don’t want a sweaty and restless sleep during those hot, summer nights. Does it call for a complete revamp? Well, yes it does and here are some tips that will be useful in choosing the perfect bedding, this summer.

summer bed sheets  king size duvet

1. Light Bedding Fabric: When it comes to choosing the fabric of the bedsheet, you need to look for lighter options. As far as possible, opt for natural fabric sheets, which are breathable and will make you feel fresh through the night. Opting for cotton bed sheets or cotton blends can be the right option as these are also easy to maintain. During summers, you can’t push the bedding, laundry beyond a week. So, opt for a lightweight fabric, which is easy to wash and maintain, and is aesthetically pleasing too.

2. Light Colour Bedding: To have a soothing and pleasing summer ambience, you should opt for a light hue, designer bedding. It will instantly lighten-up the space and make it more welcoming. Summers is the time when you should bring those beige, white and like colours to play.

comforter sets

3. Thread Count: It is the new cool in the bedding, textile industry. Gone are the days when a bedding choice was made on the basis of colour and fabric alone. But, the higher the thread count the more comfortable the bedding is not true. In the summer bed sheets, if you opt for a very high thread count, it will reduce the ventilation, trap heat and make the bedding warm making you perspire more. So, if you want a good and ventilated bedding, then opt for a thread count ranging from 300-400.

4. Light Comforter: In summers, you will not be able to handle that thick, warm comforter anymore. It is better to opt for something light that provides you with the optimum warmth you require when sleeping in an air-conditioned bedroom. Even when it comes to the comforter sets colour to opt for something in pastel tones.

cushion cover design 

5. Colour Pop, maybe: You don’t like everything so light in the bedroom, then opt for a colour pop in the form of sham or cushion cover. It will add to the cheer factor in the room while maintaining the light, calm ambience.

Use the above tips to give your bedroom the perfect summer makeover. Keep it light, keep it subtly so that you can enjoy a comfortable sleep. The bed sheets play an important role in your summer bedding, so opt for them with caution otherwise waking up fresh will not be possible this summer. If you are looking for bedding online in light colours and easy to maintain, white comforters, then Deco Window has a lot in store. View the bedding range and comforters here and design your summer bedroom from the comfort of your home. While, our jacquard make bedding sets will require dry clean, but they will blend perfectly with any white or light colour bedsheet. Moreover, they will enhance the aesthetics of your room and hone a light bedsheet, beautifully. Likewise, the lightweight comforter is made of microfibre and protects against allergens. So, view the range at Deco Window and summer ready your bedroom, today.

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