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Can you Feel a Nip in the Air? Tips to Cosy-Up Your Space

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Ideas for Winterizing Your Home Door Seal

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The temperature is going down each passing day and we are trying all means to stay warm and cozy. Layering-up and making use of room heaters is something we all try. But, do you feel that your room gets cold as soon as you turn-off the blowers and heaters? Or you feel that the heater is not as effective as it should be? Well, before you blame the heater or dipping temperature check those gaps between the door and floor. Yes, these gaps are the culprits. The warm room soon becomes cold and your heater fails to impress. So, what should be done about these gaps? Investing in a new door for each room is definitely not advisable. But, tackling this problem is important, otherwise, it will be difficult to stay cozy, this winter.

Take care of those tiny gaps the easy way with door seals from the house of Deco Window. Yes, a door seal is all that you need to fill the gap between the door surface and floor. These seals prevent the filtration of cold air outside your room and keep it warm and cozy for long. Made of aluminium they come with nylon brushes, which prevent the warm air from filtering out and saving you from a huge electricity bill, as well. So, once you install these door bottom weather stripping, the room will stay warm for long hours and you will not have to turn on the heater frequently, thereby conserving electricity and saving you from a big bill.

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Other than helping you stay warm, a door seal also saves your effort of cleaning your home, frequently. It prevents dust and dirt from entering your home. So, enjoy easy home maintenance, thanks to the door seals. It will help to keep the house clean and dirt-free for long. Moreover, with the growing air pollution concern and smog this season, weather seal will also help in making your air purifiers, more effective. Otherwise, the clean air will also keep penetrating outside of this gap in the door. So, enjoy a breath of fresh air all through the day with these door bottom seals affixed to the door. It will make your air purifiers more effective and serve the purpose, better.

Along with dust and dirt, it also stops insects, rats, and lizards from entering the house. Once you install this door gap filler at the door bottom, then insects, rats or lizards will not be able to enter inside as it completely fills the gap. So, multi-utilitarian, this seal is effective in more than one way. While it helps to reduce your electricity bill, it also helps in keeping the pests and rodents at bay. The problem of lizards and insects is commonly seen during summers, but as far as rodents are concerned, they are troublemakers throughout the year. And once they enter the house, it is difficult to get rid of them. So, instead of going for chemical base and strong pest control systems it is advisable that you install the front door seal and take care of the very entry point.

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So, to keep your home warm this winter you should buy a door bottom seal from Deco Window. These seals are perfect for wood, PVC, and fabricated doors. On these doors, you can screw the seal, but if you have a glass door simply use a double tape and stick it. 37 inches long and 2.5 inches wide it comes with screws and you can put it on the wall with ease. In case, the door seal is long, then you can cut it too and put it on the door. Before cutting the seal, you will need a flyer to cut the brushes and rub its edges to have a smooth finishing. Moreover, if you want to ensure that it blends perfectly with the existing door colour, then opt for one in the same colour as the door. At Deco Window, there are several colour options when it comes to door seal. You can see the one that blends better with the door. You can view the different door seal options here. They are all made of aluminium and differ only in terms of colour. Among others, you have the option of brown, chocolate, ivory, sand, silver and black, and you can buy the one that best goes with the door colour. The nylon brushes and aluminium strip has the same colour. So, along with functionality, this weatherseal by Deco Window also take care of the decorative element.

Make the most of this multi-utilitarian door brush seal and enjoy a cozy home, this winter. You can run the heater for some time and have your room warm for long with these seals in place. Moreover, you will not have to keep running the heater again and again, as thanks to this home door seal the hot air will not leak and the room will stay warm. So, check for different options and order a door seal for your home, today and stay warm and cozy, this winter.

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