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Tips to Customize Curtains

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Personalize Curtain Panels


When it comes to home décor, if you wish to make it great, striking and spectacular, then you need to pay attention to details. It is these small, little changes in home décor, which can give a different look and feel to your space. Have you ever noticed that when you enter someone’s home, it is the striking cushion or elegant drapes, which draw your attention? Well, that is exactly what we are referring here. In an attempt to refurbish your home, try to focus on small details that can give your home a truly beautiful and personal touch. Here in this blog, let’s bring your focus on the room curtains. Most people prefer readymade curtains from the market as you get home what you see and you can be sure of the measurements. But, if you end up seeing a similar looking curtain in your friend or acquaintance’s house, you may get dismayed. So, we suggest you wear your creative hat and do things the easy yet distinct way to customize your curtains.

curtain tie backs

Here is how you can customize and personalize the home curtains and give it a splendid makeover.

 1. Try the Trim Finishing: One of the easiest and commonly found way of refurbishing your home curtains is by adding trimmings. There are different types of trimmings available in the market today, including cords, bullion, tassel fringe, tape, brush and gimp. According to the type of curtain and room décor, you can choose trims and tassels and give it a completely new look. You can add it around the edges or in a manner that you achieve the right window measurement. In addition, in a contemporary set up, you can add a cord, bullion or gimp trim. But, if you want to give a rustic touch, then opt for a tassel or tape fringe. And the best part of decorating with these trimmings is that you are free to add it the way you want. Design the boundaries of the curtain or put it horizontally and give a whole new look to the curtains.

2. The Tiebacks Magic: This can be the perfect addition to your curtains. Timeless tiebacks enable curtains to perform their function the best and add to the décor. Pullback the curtains and let the sunshine illuminate your home every morning, and let the tiebacks hold the curtains gracefully and improvise the room décor. Likewise, at dusk let the curtains draw full and tie backs hang dutifully on either corner. These days’ tiebacks also come in various makes and finishing giving you a lot of freedom of choice. So, in a modern home, let the metallic tieback or holdback to the task. But, if you want to add the old world charm with a tieback, then opt for the timeless rope and fabric make one. Evergreen, it can go well with a variety of curtains and drapes and embellish it beautifully.

tassel curtains tassel curtains

3. A Gorgeous Valance: Leave the curtain as it is and let a gorgeous valance change its appeal. Yes, it is one accessory, which can hone a window by itself and accentuate a curtain. So, give valance curtains a try. You can opt for one in contrasting colour to brighten up space or similar colour tones ensuring it blends well with the curtain and room décor. Likewise, if you want to flaunt the beautiful window curtain, then opt for a narrow valance, something which doesn’t cover a large part of the curtain. Scalloped valances will be a perfect addition to such a scenario.

Use these beautiful, evergreen accessories to beautify and change the look of the home curtains. There are various ways of bringing them to use, which can change the very appearance of the curtains. If you want to add such accessories, then you can check Deco Window. There are different curtain accoutrements and you can pick and choose as you fancy. View the complete collection here, and revamp an old or new curtain with ease from the comfort of your home.

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