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Tips to Decorate your First Home

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Home decoration ideas

home decor ideas

The first home is a big milestone in a person’s life. You’re overwhelmed, excited and wish to design it like a pro. For this, it is essential that you first establish a style and then start decorating the space around it. After all, it is finally time to see your dreams materializing into reality. Live in a home, which you have been envisioning. So, here are some new home décor ideas that will come to your aid in decorating your first home.

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1. Let’s Crack the Bedroom First: This is your personal space, where you can do things just as you fancy. There should be no strings attached when it comes to your bedroom décor. If you have bought a new bed, great, if not then hone it beautifully with colourful bedroom sets and have a perfectly designed bedroom. You should opt for a colossal variety of bedding. Something for those bright, happy days and something for days when you wish to express your subtle side. Opt for soft and colourful bedding and remember to do your bed every day, so that you embrace it willingly every night.

living room decor ideas

2. Windows are at the Core: After the bed, start designing your windows. The right window treatment is the key here as it can make or break a room. But, before you get started with the window treatment, ensure the walls are painted. This will help you choose the right colour curtains and blinds. Ideally, you should opt for a tone light or dark, then the wall paint. Such colour option will ensure that your curtains stand apart and add personality to the room. Other than the colour, whether you choose blackout curtains, sheer curtains, or blinds will be completely your personal choice. If you are an early riser, then light colour curtains or sheer ones will make a perfect choice. But, for the night owls, blackout curtains are a must in the room. Other than curtains, blinds can also make a perfect choice. Covering the window edge to edge, they don’t leave room for even little bit of sunlight to flow inside your room, against your wish. If you like to open and close the curtains remotely via relaxing in your bed, then opt for automatic Roman blinds. These look stylish and sophisticated.

3. Small Detail, Big Impact: When it comes to designing your home, you need to focus on every detail big and small. It is this detailing, which will give your home a different persona. When you are working on the window treatment, pay careful heed to the curtain rod, wall bracket, and curtain rings. These may seem to be small changes, but they will have a big impact on changing the room appearance. Likewise, when it comes to doing the room walls, you can explore paintings and photo walls. But, think outside the box, look for wall shelves and adorn them with magnificent décor pieces. These floating wall shelves also work as extra storage.

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4. Colour Palette: After your furniture, wall paint, bedding, and window treatment are in place, you can start infusing colourful elements in your home. It is a great way of personalizing your space and adding colours of your choice. Maybe a vibrant curtain tie back or cushion cover for the living room or bold bedding for the bedroom. These accessories can go a long way in changing the appearance of the room and giving it a different look and feel. Moreover, easy on the pocket you can change them whenever you want. But, when it comes to furniture or room paint, opting for a neutral palette is better as you can work the accessories around it and neutrals always stay in vogue.

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When you start working on your first home, plan, analyze and then start buying. Otherwise, you will end up overdoing, messing with your budget. And don’t try to full your house as soon you enter. Rather, go slow and design everything intricately and carefully. If you are starting to decorate your first home, then we suggest you review the catalogue by Deco Window. From perfect bedding sets to modern curtain designs, you will be spoiled with choices. There are fabrics for upholstery and colourful cushion covers for every room of your home. Scan through the range here and buy the most exquisite stuff for your home from Deco Window.

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