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How to Dress & Choose your Kitchen Curtains?

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Kitchen curtains

Kitchen is the heart and soul of a house. You spend a substantial time of your day in the kitchen making it essential that you do it, really well. And one such easy and quick finishing touch that you can give to your kitchen is by choosing the right set of kitchen curtains. Moreover, when it comes to the kitchen you have a lot of versatility. So, there are no restrictions when it comes to choosing curtains for your kitchen. Let your taste, personality and kitchen décor guide your choice. Once you give that framing touch to your windows with curtains you will experience that the whole look and feel changes.

Following are a few tips that will give you some curtain ideas for your kitchen.

The Kitchen Theme: When it comes to buying curtains for your kitchen the theme and style should be your handy guide. Going for a curtain simply because you like it may not be a good decision. It should go well with the overall kitchen décor. If your kitchen has a casual look, then you can explore kitchen window curtains in short length. While, for that classy feel, go for full-length curtains with a pleated touch. In fact, full-length curtains can be perfect if you have dining space in the kitchen. And if you have big curtain windows for which you need privacy, then café type curtains can be ideal.

The Curtain Colour: Go for contrasting colour curtains if you want to bring windows to focus. You can opt for neutral and solid colour curtains for that elegant and luxurious touch to the windows. Add some trimmings in frill style to add to the luxe effect. But if the kitchen walls are already bright and lively, then bring patterned curtains to play or simply infuse curtains in solid colours.

Kitchen door curtains

The Curtain Fabric: Along with colour, the fabric of curtains is also important, which you need to consider as per your requirement. If you have a lot of sunlight coming in the kitchen through the window, then heavy curtains in darker hues are your safe bet. Though it will give a smaller look to the kitchen but will prevent from making it warmer. Alternatively, if sunlight and privacy are not your concerns when it comes to dressing the kitchen windows, then you can go for light fabric, light colour curtains. These will give airier and bigger feel to the kitchen and will be easy to manage, as well. Kitchen door curtains absorb the odour and cleaning them frequently will be required. Light curtains definitely make this task, a breeze. So, assess the needs before you click on the buy button.

The Curtain Rod: You may like that wooden rod in your kitchen, but it will not be the right addition. Temperature and humidity will impact the solid wood material, so this makes iron and aluminium the right choice. When it comes to choosing the curtain rod, look for options in either iron or aluminium make. You will get a lot of variety and you can choose the rod colour and finials of your choice.

Make your kitchen more attractive and appealing with the right curtains. They will not just dress your windows, but make the kitchen inviting too. Ideally opt for light fabric, contrasting colour curtains and give your kitchen a bigger and brighter feel. If you want to explore such curtains and accessories, then Deco Window is your one-stop shop. Check the colourful range of curtains in window and door length, and give your kitchen a new look and feel by just changing the curtains. There are also a lot of options in curtains online and accessories, from which you can pick and choose. Here’s a quick gallery for your reference

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