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Tips to get the right curtain rods for your curtain

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Tips on buying curtain rods

Once you have decided the kind of curtains or drapes you want for your room, the next step is choosing the right curtain rod. It is curtain rods, which frame and give depth to a room. But they should not command all the attention. With options aplenty, deciding on the window curtain rods colour, size, finials and make can be a task. Whether you need something timeless or trendy in wood or metal make? All these and more will be explained here, it’s all about curtain rods, after all.

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The Size: Well, the size does matter when you are finalising the curtain rod. It should not be too thick or too thin. So as far as possible, go for drapery rods that are close to one inch. While, thicker ones will command all the attention, which we don’t want from a curtain rod, the thin ones look compromised or cheap. Ideally go for a curtain rod of one-inch thickness, which will hold and blend well with the curtains.

The Colour: When it comes to deciding the colour of the rod, follow the rule of looking at the dark furniture in the room. It is a simple rule, which usually never goes wrong. The curtain rods will blend perfectly when you opt for them in the same colour tone or family as the dark furniture. Otherwise, as far as possible, go for curtain rods in contrast. So, if you have a silver fixture or interiors, then exploring stainless steel curtain rods can work. Likewise, brass finishing ones will look great in a room with golden accents.

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The Length: You don’t always need a full-length rod for the curtain. It can be unnecessary. So, when it comes to choosing the length of the rod, you should measure the width of the windows. And you can add 2 to 5 inches to these dimensions if you want to cover some part of the walls with your curtains. This becomes all the more important if you are buying tension curtain rods.

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The Finials: When it comes to choosing the finials, it pretty much depends on your home interiors and personal preference. If you have a minimalist or contemporary décor, then go for simple finials, which will not draw attention. But if you want the finials to add to the glam effect of the room, then you can try crystal or designer finials for your curtain rods.

The Type: Yes, there are various curtain rods types available in the market, today. You can get latest curtain rods or timeless ones, depending upon your home décor. But go for chunky, flashy or trendy ones if you like to change the curtain rods, timely. Otherwise, opt for a sleek, timeless piece that can grace your home for as long as you want.

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The Make: One can get a lot of curtain rods in metal and wooden make. Both have their own pros and cons and look great depending upon your home interiors. So, you can try both the variations in different rooms and have a different feel. Metallic ones usually go well in a contemporary set-up and wood curtain rods are apt for a room with traditional décor or if you wish to give a rustic touch. But if you are going for metal ones, then be sure of the sturdiness part and for wood ones, you will need to turn them occasionally.

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Of course, other than the above, when choosing your curtain rods, do measure them right, otherwise, it will ruin the whole effect and the final look. And as far as creating a flow with the curtain rods is concerned, it pretty much depends upon the home interiors. If you have an open concept, then try to maintain the flow otherwise, feel free to spruce up with curtain rods, as you desire.

Use this guide and keep these tips handy when choosing curtain rods for your home. They may not be as important as your curtain, but have a frame defining the role and should add depth and grace to your home. For trendy and timeless curtain rods online, check deco window


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