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The great smog of Delhi is a long-lasting severe air-pollution that is having a catastrophic effect on people. It has been as one of the worst levels of air quality in Delhi since 1999. Its notable that some people are more sensitive to smog than other and the first signs are people suffering from breathlessness, chest congestion, and irritation in eyes, asthma and even allergies. More than 80 % of the population is breaking this air and it’s a serious matter of concern. It’s paramount to consider ways to reduce this problem of smog from accelerating in future and causing drastic effect on families.
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Here is a quick guide to follow from Deco Window on ways to stay safe indoors and prevent the smog entering your home-
Use Door seals
Deco window door seal are a great way to avoid the harmful smog entering your home. Door seals allow closing the gaps beneath your doors, which doesn’t allow dust particles, insects, mosquitoes from entering your room and house. Door seals are perfect for this as they give protection from outside weather, it also avoid AC leakage making your room cool for a long time.

Keeping window close
Heavy thick fabric curtains called blackout curtains can also help to avoid the poor quality of air from entering your room. They come up thick lining, which doesn’t allow the air to penetrate. Deco Window offers a wide range of blackout curtains, which you can set up in your room. They come up with creative designs at the same time offer functional benefits to the user.

High quality facemask
Air mask can help you to filter out harmful and dangerous airborne particles. Either N95 and N99 mask is safe and will ensure no outside gaps are present.

Avoid aerobic activities
At this time, it is preferred to stay indoors and avoid outside activities like sports (basketball/tennis/cricket) , morning and late evening walk. It is advisable to opt for work from home option to protect yourself from harmful. However if in emergency situations if you have to travel opt for routes that avoid too many areas that are building up or congested.

Check the reading
Its highly important to stay updated with air quality, the best way is to download the real time air quality app to monitor hourly reading and prepare yourself for the next day.

Consider Air filters
will help to ensure cleaner air for children. It’s important to protect your child from harmful effects of smog.

Follow these 5 tips suggested by Deco Window, We believe in healthy living and are concerned about the well being of our customers. Stay safe, stay protected.

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