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Trends in Shower Curtains

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Shower Curtain Ideas


shower curtain designs

Less like a bathroom is the new way of doing up this space of the house. It should reflect and blend well with the overall home décor. So, if you have given a rustic touch to your home, then design your bathroom on the same lines. Bathrooms are being designed in a more customized and individualized manner. Art, décor and even furniture in the bathroom needs to be done tastefully, not only the fixtures and tiles. Central to the bathroom design is shower curtains, which should be in tune with the rest of the space.

Here are some of the latest trends in shower curtains using which you can individualize and design the bathroom to perfection.

printed curtains

1. Print, Print Everywhere: Give your simple bathroom a colourful and warm makeover with printed curtains. To give a dramatic touch to the bathroom, go for loud and large print ones. Such shower curtains will immediately make the space lively and lurid. But, if the bathroom is too small, then opt for large print shower curtains in soft hues, so that they don’t add to the fullness effect.

floral curtains

2. The Fabric: Just the way you are careful in choosing the bed sheet fabric with a high thread count when it comes to the shower curtain fabric opt for a waterproof one. Don’t get swayed by the looks, as they can be deceptive and will be difficult to maintain. So, opt for a polyester bathroom curtain in a print of your choice, which blends well with the overall bathroom décor and is easy to wash and maintain.


3. A Bit of Nature: If you are a nature lover and like to induce natural elements in décor, then floral curtains or shower curtains made of recycled materials are for you. It will not only give a refreshing touch to the bathroom but reflect your personality and preference too.


4. Enlightening & Educative: Adding a vibrant, printed shower curtain is always an option for the kid’s bathroom. But, how about an enlightening one. Something with phrases to improvise their vocabulary or world map printed. These are unique, designer shower curtains, which can add an educative role too.

5. Customised Curtain: Trending big are custom made curtains for a bathroom. Your bathroom is your space and you can spruce it with a personalized shower curtain of your choice. Get it designed with motifs of your choice or opt for a readymade one in print and colour of your preference reflecting your taste and style.

custom made curtains

These trends in shower curtains can help give a quick and fine makeover to the bathroom. If you are looking for fine-quality shower curtain sets in beautiful colours and prints, then you can check the collection at Deco Window. There are curtains in evergreen stripes, mesmerizing florals, and dramatic geometric prints. Made of polyester, the range of shower curtains at Deco Window is also easy to maintain. Water repellent, you can wash them with cold water at home and drape them back with the rust-resistant eyelets. With shower curtains in various colours, you will be spoiled with choices at that end too. View the range here and order shower curtains for your bathroom with ease from the comfort of your home.

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