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Posted on in Blog- Deco Window Online Store byNikita Jain

Curtain Tiebacks and Trimmings

Usually known by different names in India, Curtain tassels, trims, trimmings, fringes, fringes tassels etc.

The world sees trims are obsolete, but are they really ?, There isn't a house from rich and famous where they are not used and isn't that the presumption for origination of fashion. Fringes incept embellishment, value addition, making ordinary extraordinary.

A simple fabric may have the elegance for a beautiful window treatment but it is only the trim or the fringe when used makes it opulent.

In the hush of time for a clean and chic look for your house, the requirement for such embellishments has faded however for customers who are looking for out of the box options in embellishments trims comes first in the line.

Traditionally trim was made by hand and was used extensively to decorate almost every piece of furnishing or furniture, not only used in a home but on gowns of kings and queens glorifying its presence.

We felt the market for fabrics in India and around the world had progressed with time achieving new heights in terms of designs and quality and so was required for the embellishments like fringes to level the space with the fabrics.

At Deco Window we keep 5 collections of trimmings available in more than 50 colour options giving our customers opportunity to use trimmings for an overwhelming creation in window furnishings.

We make these fringes from dope dyed yarn, and guarantee 100% Sun Fastness and 100% colour fastness adding to the quality of the trimmings.

Few pictures demonstrating the way they have been used witnessing the style of perfection and glory.

A Selection can be seen on Deco Window

Written By,

Vaibhav Jain (CEO)

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