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Unusual Uses of Curtain Hardware in Home Décor

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Choose curtain hardware for your home decor

curtain hardware

Of course, that curtain rod and bracket enhances the grace of your curtains, amazingly! But, sometimes beauty lies in using stuff for which they are not actually intended. It gives you the scope to explore your creative instincts and design your home in a completely different manner. Let’s focus on curtain hardware, which can be used for various other purposes in different rooms of your home.

curtain rod finials

In the Bedroom: You have started developing a liking towards that canopy bed, which you saw in the mall last weekend. But, buying one will be like indulging in extravagances. So, how about bringing curtain rods finials to play? Yes, look for curtain rods, which will blend well with the bed colour and room décor and have a canopy bed. Just buy four curtain rods and get curtains of your choice. Voila! You can treat yourself with an all-new canopy bed.

thin curtain rod

In the Living Room: If you thought you have to buy finials only for your curtain rod, well you can use it for more purposes. Get different, decorative finials and design a living room wall with it. You can also hang your favourite artwork on it. Otherwise, just leaving a wall of hooks will look appealing too. Another way of using curtain hardware like a curtain rod can be for displaying your artwork or pictures from the last holiday. Just install the curtain rod against a wall and hang your favourite paintings or pictures. But, ensure you opt for a thin curtain rod with simple finials, so that the attention is not taken from the painting.

curtain rods brackets

In the Kitchen: When it comes to the kitchen a homemaker is always struggling for more storage. Well, if such is the scenario in your home too, then bring curtain rod, rings with clips and finials. While, you can neatly hang those small saucepans, pots, and servings on the curtain rod with rings, use the finials to hang the kitchen napkin next to the sink.

In the Bathroom: To give a distinct touch to your bathroom, you can use curtain rods to create a partition and to hang towels. Check for different type of curtain rods, which can enhance the appeal of the bathroom. Gone are the days when bathrooms could be just left untouched. In modern homes, they are an extension of the home décor and should look equally impressive.

curtain rings with clips

In the Balcony: Vertical gardens are in vogue these days. Space saving and beautiful, you can put curtain rods on the balcony recess or against a long wall. Using elbow style wall brackets you can hang the pots and give the outdoors a different and fine makeover.

curtain rings curtain wall brackets

Try incorporating these different solutions to design your home in an unconventional manner. You can check such curtain accessories and hardware online from Deco Window and start working on giving your home a distinct touch. Check the complete range here and start making your home one of its kind.

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