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Sheer Curtains, A Must in your Home This Summer

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In summers, one prefers everything light and subtle. This applies to the home décor and window treatment, as well. As soon as summers begin, you wrap those shrugs and remove the thick drapes. Stepping your feet on the floor and covering the windows with light curtains is preferred. One such window treatment, which you can try this summer is bringing home the sheer variety. Perfect in a traditional and modern theme home, they impart aesthetic value, while ensuring privacy and light control. Moreover, they blend well with blinds and blackout curtains. A timeless and beautiful option, sheer curtains have the potential of making windows the centerpiece of your home. Read on to know why you must bring them home, this summer.

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#1. For Your Love of Light: If you love that airy room, which gets sunlight, then give sheer window drapes a try. They allow the sunlight to come in and give your room a bright, buoyant feel. Their translucent form helps to make the room feel big and spacious. So, if maximizing the light and getting filtered Vitamin D does is on your mind, then sheer curtains are just what you need to bring home. They will make the room bright, beautiful and big.

#2. For Your Love of the Outside View: Well, you love the view of the green, scenic landscape that your patio offers! But, it all gets covered behind those curtains? Don’t worry, sheer curtains translucency will help you enjoy your view while covering the windows. With sheer curtains, you benefit with an outside view with some level of privacy. Free flowing, they spill beyond your window pane, adding an uncanny charm to the room. But, if privacy is equally important for you, then blend them with blackout drapes or blinds. Otherwise, how about going for double sheer curtains? It will simply look magnificent, helping you enjoy the view from your window and imparting a sophisticated, summery touch to the room.

#3. For Your Love for Privacy: Sheer drapes allow the flow of light and provide you the outside view. But, they also help you enjoy your privacy. Made of sheer fabric, the material is thin enough for the flow of sunlight, but thick enough to keep those inquisitive eyes away. So, basically, they block the inside view and provide you the much-needed privacy.

window drapes blackout curatins

#4. For Your Love of High Ceilings & Bigger Rooms: If your room comes with a low ceiling and is a compact one, then just install sheer, vertical striped curtains. They can create an illusionary effect of the high ceiling if you put them from floor to ceiling. Likewise, in small room install them on the window pane wider than the actual frame size. Voila, your room is going to look bigger and spacious, height and width wise.

#5. For your Love for a Style Statement: Sheer curtains can work as a style statement in your home. They can help you achieve a dreamy, romantic and timeless feel. If you want to convert your home into a summer retreat, then bring the sheer variety in neutral colours. They can give a breezy, calm and relaxed appeal to your room. And if you want to add a quirky element too, then infuse one or two in bright colours. But, as far as possible, keep decorative sheer curtains stylish and sophisticated.

If trying a different window treatment is on your mind this summer, then give sheer curtains a try. They can do justice to the windows, add to the décor and give a light, breezy feel to your home. Explore them in white, neutral colours, prints, and patterns, and give your home a completely new feel, this summer. You can check the range launched by Deco Window. There are sheer curtains online, available in an array of colours and designs, which can look fab in a contemporary and traditional setup. Check the collection here and give your home the feel of a tropical oasis, this summer.

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