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How to Utilize & Upgrade a Space Using Wall Shelves?

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Decorate your home with wooden wall shelves

wooden wall shelves

Versatile, wooden wall chunks – the Wall Shelves are the perfect space savers, giving you more storage and décor space. Whether you have a contemporary or traditional home or strive for that trendy, minimalist home, wall shelves are just what you will need to add. They help utilize and upgrade any space, the way you want. Here are some easy and innovative ways of using wall shelves and enjoying more at home in less. 

The Entryway Update
Who needs a console table when compact wall shelves can do the trick for you? Simply, put-up some wall mounted shelves in your hallway or home entry and use it for the functional and decorative purpose. Use it as a convenient drop zone and decorate it with some colourful vases or glassware, just as you please. Make the entryway, clean and clutter-free with these compact shelves.

                                                           wall shelves online india wooden shelf brackets     

Display & Décor Use

Put the décor pieces on display with ease using the wooden wall shelves. You can use it for putting up your favourite décor pieces in the living room or bedroom. Sleek vases, aromatic candles and crystal décor pieces look fab on wooden wall shelves. Moreover, coming in different colours polishing, you can buy wall shelves, which enhance the appeal of your décor elements, making them the statement pieces of your home.

Your Night Stand
Yes, put decorative wall shelves to any use as you like. Get some, solid and sturdy ones for your bedroom and strategically place them close to the bed and use it as your night stand. Keep your phone charging docket, books, alarm clock and more stuff easily and tidily on these shelves.

Classy & Open Book Shelves
There is no more space at home to put a book cabinet? Then, go for open and accessible wall mounted bookshelves. They look classy and clean and when each time you look at those books you will find time to read them too. Buy a couple of wall shelves and put them in symmetrical form or the way you like and have a place for your books, with ease.

                                                  wall shelves & shelf brackets  wall shelving 


Goodbye Storage Woes
It is obviously not possible to keep adding cabinets and console tables to take care of your ever increasing storage needs? So, how about adding these neat and nice wall shelves. You can add them along with your kitchen cabinets or in your wash area for your laundry needs, and benefit with easy storage. These can also be added to your bathroom. If your sink vanity is small or you have a small bathroom in general, then putting your shampoo, bath salt or soap can all be done on these shelves. The best part is wall shelves are sleek and sturdy, so you can put them on a straight wall or room corner and enjoy easy storage.

Whether you want to upgrade your home by adding statement pieces or use those plain walls for décor or functional needs, shelves for walls are your easy and affordable solution. From books to classy dishes, colourful pots to photo frames, you can use them for just about any purpose as you please.

If you are looking for such solid and sturdy wall shelves online, then check the variety at decowindow. You can get wall shelves in different wooden polishes and can use different shelf brackets to hold them steady. If you want floating wall shelves, then you will also get the option of floating bracket at Decowindow. We understand the needs of today’s contemporary homes and have utilities and accessories, designed accordingly. Get wooden shelves for your home in different thickness, colours and accentuate them with wall brackets of your choice. Customizable and versatile, give a makeover to your home with these designer and trendy wooden wall shelves.

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