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5 Ways to Make Windows Central to your Room

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Ideas to dress your windows right now

The moment you step inside a room you automatically tend to glance towards the windows. Such is the place that windows occupy in a room. Notice it when next time you go to someone’s house or enter your own home! This makes it important that you that treat your windows right and make them an important part of home décor. Beautifully done up windows will elevate the aesthetics of a space. So, design your windows well.

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Here are five ideas to make your windows, beautifully

  1. The Curtain: One of the most commonly used window treatment, but if not done properly can spoil the décor of the complete room. So, you need to ascertain the kind of window curtains you need? If having privacy and cosy space is your requirement, then go for blackout curtains or curtains in dark colours. Going for curtain lining is also another option. But if you want the curtains for window dressing, then go for light curtains in pastel hues or simply hang the trendy sheer variety that will facilitate the play of sunlight and keep your room bright. So, even if the curtains are on your mind, do make your decision wise.
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  2. A Valance: For that little corner window or your kitchen window, you don’t need a drape or curtain. Rather a colourful and cheerful window valance is all that you need. Have a kitchen with a view and let sunlight filter-in keeping your kitchen well-lit. Valance comes in various colours, prints and bold fabric, and you can get them designed too.
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  3. The Tieback & Trimming: A combination of these two can do wonders to your windows. If you are going for a curtain, then enhance its appeal with a tieback. Traditional yet trendy, tiebacks never lose their charm, rather they beautify simple curtains and drapes, manifold. So, try tassel or fabric tiebacks to give a creative touch to your windows. Likewise, trimmings can be a perfect addition to your curtains and valances. Trimmings can add a finishing touch and make your curtains different and distinguishable.
  4. Hardware: Well, if you thought your curtains, valance or blinds make the windows beautiful, and then of course you are right. But the curtain hardware is equally important and adds to the decorative and functional value. For that rustic touch, adding a wooden curtain rod is all that you will need to do. Likewise, to make the curtain rod more attractive choosing a designer finial can be just perfect. So, when you intend to make windows, central to the room, choose the hardware wise. Picture the whole window frame with curtains and hardware, and ensure it blends beautifully.
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  5. The Décor:\ If you thought, it is only curtains, valance, finials or rods, which can help you beautify your windows, then we suggest, think a little out of the box. How about adding shelves on either side of window frames and displaying some beautiful pictures or decoration pieces? Likewise, on the outside, you can also think of adding some garden torches. These will look spectacular if you have opted for sheer or light colour curtains. While, during the day the sunlight will play its magic, with the fall of night, the garden lamps will take over giving a splendid view. 
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With these different means and ways, you can treat your windows right and make them an integral part of your home décor. From the fabric to design, hardware to other décor means, you can treat each window element in a unique way and make your windows, truly apart. 

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