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Sharing Ways To Clean, Organize and De-clutter Your Home Room by Room

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Organize and de-clutter your home room

Entrance Hall

1.Go through the area, throw away trash and unused items.
2. Use open wall shelves to create an area where you can sit and neatly store shoes, books, and more.
3. Fix hooks on the wall to make it easy to hang backpacks, jackets, keys, umbrellas, scarves and other items.

Entrance storageEntrance storage

Kitchen and Dining Room

1. Open up drawers and cupboards and get rid of expired foods, broken utensils.
2. Wipe down your cabinets, and clean your oven and microwave. Nothing worse than dirty doors, handles and knobs from food splashes over the past year.
3. Keep counters clutter free by storing extra items somewhere else. This could be the cabinet above your refrigerator, the drawer under your oven, or even on the wall with these wall shelves that can hold a multitude of things!
4. Your cute holiday coffee mugs which was not used in past 5 years is collecting dust and you haven’t gotten around to it. Get rid of it all!
5. Store appliances that you rarely use. Blenders, coffee makers, mixers, juicers, etc. – they’re huge and can be an eye sore.
6. Make extra space in your cabinets by using stackable shelves and organizers. Use kitchen cabinet shelves for glasses and cups to double storage space.

Kitchen storage done by using wooden shelvesOpen shelving to store kitchen utensils

Bedrooms and Closets

1. Open up your closet, dresser drawers and cabinets, and get rid of everything that is ripped, stained, over worn, and doesn’t fit. This includes socks, undies, bras and other clothes that you look at and think, “I might wear this one day,”. This is one of the most effective ways to declutter your home, you’ll have space for everything!
2. Store seasonal clothing away in boxes so it’s out of sight until you need it.
3. Try this: Turn all of your hangers backwards in the closet. As you wear clothes, turn them around the right way, and at the end of the year, you’ll know what you never wear by the hangers that are still backwards. Get rid of those things!
4. Clean under the bed. Face it, you never do this, so now is the time!
5. Use the space under your bed for storage. This is great for those seasonal clothes, extra shoes, and other items that you rarely use. Use under bed wheeled storage box with lid to store winter coats, thermals, used in the off season.

Use space Under your bed for storingMake under bed space useful to store your stuff in neat manner
6. Invest in a tie, scarf, purse organizer, and general closet shelves. Use hanging closet shelf organizer that has shoes, belts and other random things in it.
Closet storage in neat & tidy mannerScarf, tie, belt organiser


1. Remove all items from counter tops, toilet, bath tub and shower. Also, clean mirrors, cabinets, surfaces and other stationary items in your bathroom.
2. Collect all items and determine what should be kept, and what should be trashed: razors, tooth brushes, hair brushes, combs, expired medicines, lotions, soaps, and other personal care items.
4. Use plastic kitchen utensil holders to organize bathroom drawers, works like a charm!
5. Over the toilet storage cabinets work SO WELL. If you have space, consider adding a large woven basket to the bathroom for dirty clothes and other items that need to be removed from the area.
6. Remember those stackable wooden shelves that we used in the kitchen? These also work to make more space under the bathroom sink!
7. Use jars to store cotton balls, nail polish and other decorative items. You can leave them right out on the counter top and they look like they’re part of your decor scheme!

Wood shelf in bathroom to keep daily products at easeUnder wash basin space used effectively for keeping towels, shampoos, soap, etc

Living and Family Rooms

1. Move couches and other furniture and clean/vacuum under them. You’d be surprised about what makes their way under there!
2. Clear tables, book cases, TV stands, wall and storage units and get rid of all of the extras.
3. Purchase new furniture pieces that serve as functional storage like coffee tables with drawers are great for putting stuff in, and these storage units with baskets look like nice decorations and hide whatever items you might need to keep in them.

Living Room organized well with shelvesFamily Room organized well with shelves

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