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The sheer curtain - delicate, airy, romantic - is back on trend! Once considered old fashioned and granny-ish, modern sheers are a world away from the fussy, frilly and lacy ones that the word sheer brings to mind and can add style and elegance to the home.Deco Window Blinds & Curtains offers one of the best selections of curtains online. We have a huge variety of sheer curtains at prices you simply can't beat. While some people may think that sheer curtains don't provide much in the way of privacy or UV protection, this actually isn't true! Today we're going to take a look at some of the biggest benefits of sheer drapes and curtains.

Sheer curtains allow you to let the light come into your room while keeping the privacy that you so desire. This means that sheer curtains are great options for rooms that need lots of natural lighting. You can see the people outside, but they can't see you inside.

They maximise natural light
As they're lighter than other drapes, sheer curtain fabrics allow the sun's rays to filter into the room. Daintier curtain materials create an elegant, romantic atmosphere during the day. However, they still provide a layer of coverage that maintains your privacy

UV Protection
A regular feature for most of the curtains today is the resistance they provide from the harmful effects of the sun. Flat Sheer Window Shades have this feature wherein you can have a sufficient and healthy amount of sunlight inside while blocking the ultraviolent radiation. You can also pair them with drapes and put them behind to avoid them from sun damage. With the help of sheers, drapes will last long without fading.

Easy to care for
One of the greatest advantages of owning sheer curtains or drapes is how simple it is to take care of them. Nobody wants to spend their summer doing chores, so avoid them with sheer drapes! All you need to do is brush them now and again to make sure they stay free of dust and debris from the air.

Style options
You will have total control over how the sheer window coverings look in your home. You can buy lighter fabric and layer it with thicker material, for example, which will give your window a unique look. The sheer drapes will be both aesthetically pleasing as well as serve an entirely functional purpose. There's no limit to how your windows can be decorated.

Since sheer curtains are created from lightweight fabric that's either usually 100 percent cotton or cotton polyester blends, they're not as expensive as heavier window coverings. Sheer curtains are one of the most versatile design investments you can make for your home.

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