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Window Treatments for Every Home

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Deccorate your windows with modern curtainsinterior room decor

Windows are central to a room. The way you treat your windows will definitely have an impact on the room style and ambience. They have a greater role to play than privacy and temperature regulation as they also influence the room style. They aren’t just functional but also decorative accent pieces that add colour, pattern and texture to the room. So, choosing the right window treatment is essential. By choosing a bright set of curtains or drapes you can enliven the bedroom, and by going for a colour just darker than the bedroom wall you can make the space visually enlarged. Fabric window treatments add to the style of a space, while taking care of the basic privacy and light regulation function. But when it comes to window treatment, there are so many options that one tends to get confused. So, here is a sneak-peak into the most popular and best window treatments for every home.

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1. Colourful Curtains: One of the most commonly found in every home is a colourful, curious curtain. Thanks to the varied make, fabric, colour and design that finding a unique one will be easy. Usually made of lighter weight fabric than drapes, window curtains are hung using rods or curtain rings attached to a rod. Moreover, if you want to give a unique touch to this commonly found window treatment, then use distinct ways to tie and hang them. Curtain tiebacks are the easy way to make your curtains one of its kinds. 

2. Decorous Drapes: If heavy fabric window treatment is on your mind, then drapes is the solution. Like curtains, drapes come in various colours, fabrics, and patterns but are usually heavier, lined and pleated. They are ideal for your master bedroom, living and dining room. If you want to give a formal look to the room and enjoy absolute privacy, then drapes can be the ideal addition.

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3. Stylish Sheers:  Lightweight and stylish, sheer curtains are perfect for giving an airy touch to the room. They don’t provide privacy or block out light, but definitely add some poise and charm to a room. So, if you want to give that beauteous touch to any room in your house, then sheer curtains are the ones that you can opt. Alternatively, blending them with curtains or blinds can be a great idea too.

sheer cuartains


4. Bold Blinds: Give a crisp and clear finishing touch to your windows with bold blinds. Perfect for blocking sunlight and giving you absolute privacy blinds are simple and elegant window treatments perfect for every home. You can hang them horizontally or vertically over a glass door or window. These days you get a lot of variety in blinds in terms of colour, so you can easily choose the one that best goes with your home décor.

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5. Valances: If you wish to conceal the window hardware or decorate that little window in your secondary room or kitchen, then valances for window is the way to go. They add that zing and touch of colour. A valance is mainly a swathe of fabric around the top frame of a window. The beauty of a valance lies in its designing. You can get valance in flat, arched, pleated and other styles. Add that drama to your bedroom or living room with window valances

curtain valances with tieback


Other than these, trending big these days are swags and cascades, with which you can give layering touch to windows. You can hang it horizontally or vertically over the curtain rod. Explore these and other forms of window treatments and give a unique touch and feel to your home.

At, you can get window curtains, decorative window valances and sheers and give a beautiful touch to your windows. Bring home colours, textures and prints to play and decorate your windows to perfection. Give a refined look and feel, and enjoy privacy, sunlight and an elegant living experience by treating your windows the right.

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