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Curtain Rods: Wood or Metal

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The best way to choose curtain rods

It is okay, you are not the only one confused between wood or metal curtain rods. These are the typical choices when it comes to curtain rods, but definitely quite confusing. It becomes a challenge all the more because right decorative curtain rod defines and frames your room. Curtain rods can add to the décor factor and be getting them right is a must if you want that “Wow” effect.

If put simply, wood curtain rod infuses a stately feel. It can bring that rustic and natural element in your room, and a metal one can end the monotony of wood in a room and bring a contemporary tint. Read down to know all about wood and metal rods, and which one can be best for your home.

Wood Curtain Rod

These go perfect with tall and wide windows. Moreover, if you have heavy curtains or drapes, then wooden curtain accessories can hold them gracefully. These rods are solid and sturdy, which makes them perfect for your heavy curtains. Not hollow from inside, the chances of cracks or bends will not be there, as well. 

                                                      wooden curtains   curtain hardware

Made of oak wood or walnut, you can give that rustic and romantic feel to a room with wooden rods. They instantly uplift a room, giving it a classy finish. Moreover, coming in different wood finishing, you can also match the look and colour with your room furniture, giving a coordinated feel.

By opting for wooden curtain rods, you also take an environmentally friendly decision. Biodegradable in nature, have a warm and cosy ambience at home with these eco and timeless rods.The only challenge remains, which you need to keep rotating them from time to time and they tend to decay when exposed to moisture. And you must measure the window frame properly to get the wooden rod in the exact size.

Metal Curtain Rod

Long lasting, strong and durable are what make metal curtain rods an all-time favourite. So, opt for one if negligible maintenance is on your mind. Moreover, you get them in a lot of different shapes, styles and finishing, and can be an ideal addition to a room with a lot of wooden furniture. It will break the monopoly and give a pleasing effect.

                                                   metal curtain rods    curtain finials

Metal curtain rods are hollow from inside and need to be supported by strong curtain brackets, otherwise, they can bend. But featuring adjustable and extendable length, you get a lot of customization options. If the room is minimalist or you want that modern feel to it, then metal curtain rods should be added. They look great on wide windows. Moreover, with metal curtain rods, you get a lot of finial options. From glass to metal components, there is a lot of variety in curtain rod finials from which you can pick and choose, and accentuate your home, beautifully.

You can mix and match or have one type of curtain rod for all rooms. If you wish to explore a variety of both types of curtain rods online, then check at Decowindow for metal curtain rods and for wooden rod. In metal curtain rod, you can also explore the extendable variety and design your windows, the way you fancy. Our range of extendable curtain rods is telescopic and can be expanded or contracted to fit any window size. Likewise, the wooden ones come with teak and walnut make and you can match the ones that go well with your room furniture. Other than this, there are also double curtain rod and bracket options in both metal and wooden rod. So, if you wish to hang opaque and sheer curtains, then check the range of double curtain rods and decorate your room, your way. Whatever may be your choice and requirement, you are sure to find the right variety at




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