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Wooden Curtain Rods from Deco Window Online Store

Posted on in Blog- Deco Window Online Store by Gurupada Mohapatra

Wooden Curtain Rod

Two things should always influence your choice of window curtain hardware, one of which is functionality and the other is style. Your window hardware must not only support the curtains in place but also compliment the decor of your house or office, especially with relation to the curtain rod.

A wooden curtain rod is the epitome of elegance when it comes to giving your house the finishing you require. It brings a natural, yet elegant and artistic feeling to the house and makes it more appealing while at the time giving "life" to your curtains. Wooden curtain rods are the way to go if you wish to feel the brilliance of the décor.

The choice about where to get the perfect window curtain hardware, especially if you opt for a wooden rod, can be quite time-consuming and exhausting. However, that was before the 28th of December 2015, for on this day, Deco Window, your one-stop solution to all your window décor problems, launched its new product; wooden rods for curtains. Deco Window is a company based in Delhi, India that offers the most fashionable and stylish window decor options ranging from curtains to curtain rods.

Deco window provides elegance with finesse and if you are willing to spend that extra coin on style, then you should totally get yourself their wooden curtain rods. They come complete with wooden brackets and rings, custom cut depending on the length of the window and the size of the window panes. For as little as ₹ 2,499 you can get yourself a solid wood curtain rod with a 25 mm rod thickness, and ₹ 16,999 for the 50 mm.

wooden curtain rod curtain poles

Wooden rods offer greater support to curtains since they are not hollow, unlike metal, and therefore the curtain will not slant even if it is heavy. Your window curtain hardware has to be in sync with the overall interior decor which is why Deco Window provides two neutral color shades; teak and walnut. You can, therefore, use any of their wooden rods at home or even at the office without having to worry about the color blocking as these hues match with almost all color hues.

A wooden rod is also far much easier to embed with patterns that give it a more natural element. Of course, you can have your custom designed while you order it from the company. You can purchase the curtain rod with ease either online from their website at or from select stores around the country.

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