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Wooden Vs Metal Rod

Posted on in Blog- Deco Window Online Store bysarabjeet dua

With the right decorative rod, beautiful curtains seem to get prettier. The wow look and feel can not only be reached, but also enhanced by this one small step. Wood and metal curtain rods are two choices that often put you into confusion. Decorative curtain rods can be the final touch of a room. Metal and wood rods are two of the most commonly chosen options, but it can be difficult trying to figure out which one to go with. Let's compare the two briefly.

Wooden Curtain Rods
Wooden rods, such as those made from walnut or oak wood, can really help give a room a more classic, romantic feel and add some real character. What’s more, they are more likely to support the weight of heftier curtains than plastic poles would. Wooden rods can provide a natural look in a room and are better suited for wider or taller windows. These rods are ideal choices for heavy draperies.
The variation in diameter helps you choose the appropriate rod size for your window. Larger diameters are designed for bigger windows. Since they aren't hollow, wood curtain rods are less likely to bend or warp. Also, for those homeowners with one eye on the environment, wooden poles are obviously biodegradable.

Metal Curtain Rods
A more contemporary, modern look can be achieved through the use of metal curtain poles. These are even more durable than wooden curtain poles and can handle the heaviest of curtains. As well as being sturdy, they are also extremely durable despite being lightweight. This makes them much easier to replace. Similar to their wooden counterparts, metal curtain rods also present a plethora of choices.
These rods are often ideal for normal and smaller sized windows. They are designed to handle most normal weight and sheer style curtains.
Although they can be used in larger windows, this would usually require the use of a middle support bracket – or multiple support brackets – because metal rods are hollow and can bend in the middle. Finally, metal is a particularly malleable material, which allows the poles to be manipulated into the perfect shape for your home.

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