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How your Bedroom Reveals your Personality?

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The Perfect Bedroom Ideas

bedroom ideas

Your bedroom, your sanctuary reveals a lot about you. It is not every friend, every acquaintance who can make way to your bedroom. So, don’t worry as long as it is only those who matter have seen your bedroom and made inferences about you. As your bedroom definitely tells a lot about you and your persona.

Here is how one can know about you with just a glance at your bedroom.

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Minimalist or Indulgent: The way you design your bedroom defines your nature. With just a simple bed and bedroom set, clean and clear lines, the minimalist you are well-exhibited. While, if your bedroom looks profligate, then it shows the self-indulgent and extravagant you. When you design your bedroom with not just a bed, but the bench, accent chair, and magnificent rug, it definitely tells about your generosity.

Lively or Soft: The colour of the wall, the colour of the bed cover tells a lot about your personality. The elegant you would prefer soft tones and pastel hues on the wall and bedding selection, while the livelier you will have a room with bright colour bedding and drapes. So, that bright red accent wall tells about the vivacious you and the light blue bedding describes your preference for the neutral tones and finishing.

Organized or Spontaneous: A beautifully done-up bed with designer bedding and everything in place, tells about an organized style of living, which the systematic you prefer. Whereas, the spontaneous you will do things at your pace, as you fancy. So, a room with a pile of clothes and things just left as is reflects about you as the free soul. The way you keep your bedroom and maintain it reflects your style.

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Modern or Traditional: If your room is styled up-to-date, then it reflects your modern taste and preference. A subtly designed room with clean finishing touches exhibits your contemporary liking. But, the traditional, you at heart will give a rustic touch to space. The room colours will be rich and dark, complimented with solid wood furniture with intricate work and luxury bedding.

So, when you design your bedroom you need to go with the flow, ensuring that the real you get unveiled with just one glance. If you are looking for such classy and contemporary furnishings for your bedroom, then Deco Window has a lot in store for you. From a timeless tieback for that old-world appeal to stylish curtains for a contemporary feel, you can get a wide variety at Deco Window. It is where the old meets the new and charms you in ways unimagined. You can view the complete range of bedding sets online here and give your bedroom the look you desire. Let your bedroom speak volumes about your taste and preference, and let your haven be truly yours.

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