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Your Guide to Online Curtain Shopping

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Your Guide to Buying Curtains

Shop online for wide range of living room curtains and designer curtains.
Curtains can make a room, provided they are chosen right. They have the potential to truly change the look of a room, give that finishing touch, which can create the right interior scheme. But with options aplenty in the online and offline space, getting confused over which curtain fabric, colour, pattern and design will blend with your room interiors is obvious. So, here is your handy guide for curtain shopping online.

Start with the Fabric:
Deciding the best curtain fabric can be quite a task. Silk, polyester, cotton or blend, which fabric will go well with your room? For this, deciding the function of your curtain is essential. If you want your curtains to filter sunlight inside your home, then go for lightweight and sheer variety. While, for that privacy, settling on a thick fabric curtain should be your choice. If you have unconventional working hours or need minimal light flow in your kid’s room, then go for blackout curtains. And in a room, where there is less flow of sunlight or privacy is not a concern, explore the variety of sheer curtain fabrics.

Decide on the Treatment:
Once you decide on the curtain fabric, blackout or sheer, then consider if you want to add lining to them. It is a great way of increasing the life of your curtains and protecting them against fading. With direct sunlight on your curtain, they tend to fade fast. This is definitely the case with curtains in darker hues. Likewise, if you want a lightweight curtain to last long, then also adding lining can be a right choice. Moreover, lining adds heft and helps the fabric fall luxuriously. So, depending on the window treatment, use and shelve life you expect, you can treat the curtains with or without lining.
Shop online for wide range of living room curtains and designer curtains.
The Colour Story:
When it comes to the curtain colour, your decision should be influenced by the room paint and décor. Avoid the same colour as the wall, a tone lighter or darker will enhance the look of the room. Otherwise, play with the contrast, a colourful curtain may be, which will be the exclamation point. However, if you want a safe arrangement, settle with neutral colours. They can blend well with varied wall paints and décor elements. Neutral colours should be your decision if you don’t intend to change your curtains frequently.

Prints & Patterns:
If you have solid colour furniture, then playing with patterned curtains should be the way. It will add liveliness and vividness to the room. In a contemporary room, going for curtains in abstract or geometrical design can look perfect. In fact, geometrical patterns look great in a room with solid colour furniture. But if the room has patterned furniture, then go for small, neutral floral prints or stick to solids.

The Maintenance:
Whether you are going for readymade curtains or opting for tailor-made, you must weigh the maintenance part well. If going for silk or high-quality curtains, then get them dry-cleaned. Trying to wash such curtains at home will ruin them completely. So, if you want easy to maintain curtains, which can be machine-washed, then look for polyester, cotton or blend. But, in any case, read the wash instructions carefully before putting them in your washing machine or giving them for dry clean.

The Length & Width:
Before you measure the window frame, decide how high above the window you want to hang the curtains. If you hang the panels higher, it will give a sense of height to the room. So, if that dramatic look is on your mind, then put the panels higher, maybe six inches is what experts suggest. But for a modern finishing, have the curtains falling to the floor and for that traditional touch have them a bit puddled on the floor. Then, coming to the width, go for a little extra than the window frame, so it is easy to ensure a block out effect.

So, keep this guide handy, when you buy curtains online. It will help you take the right decision and make the curtains focal to the room. For such a variety of curtains, look no further than deco window. You can get blackout and sheer curtains in vivid and neutral hues in patterns and textures of your choice. When, it is online curtain shopping it is

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