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    Curtain Rods

    Q. What does extendable means?

    A. Extendable means that you can expand the rod according to the maximum size mentioned.

    Q. What are the composition of the rods? (Mild Steel/Stainless Steel/Electroplated/Powder Coated)

    A. You can segregate the composition of rods by noticing following points:

    1. 1- If the first letter of last 4 digit starts with K or H, then it is Powder Coated
    2. 2- If the first letter of last 4 digit starts with E or J, then it is Electroplated or Stainless Steel
    3. 3- If the first letter of last 4 digit starts with W, then it is Wood 
    4. Q. If we extend the rods then diameter would vary bit so will this not look odd?

      A. No, this will not look odd because to connect two different rods, we provide a plastic connector.

      Q. What is the life of the rods/warranty?

      A. We assure that the rod can take upto 30 kgs of weight, provide 3 year warranty in case the rod bends

      Q. Movement of curtain will be smooth or not as these are extensible rods.

      A. Yes, the movement of the curtain will be smooth as to balance the diameter of the rod, we provide a plastic connector

      Q. Max Length is what? Option available for more than 12 Feet?

      A. The maximum length of the rod is 12 feet. No, currently we do not provide more than 12 feet rod.

      Q. Option of selecting different finial for different rods?

      A. Currently, there is no option to select different finial for different rods.

      Q. How do I measure my window for the curtain rod?

      A. You can view the video explain how to measure available here Or you can view the soft guide available here


      Q. Why don't you sell your curtains in pairs?

      A. We don’t want our customers to buy extra, selling in pairs will make it difficult in case customers require odd qty or just want to try with 1 pc.

      Q. What is the fabric of the curtain?

      A. We use polyester jacquard fabric for most of our curtains.

      Q. If its polyester then is it 100%?

      A. Yes, almost all curtains we use are 100% Polyester fabric.

      Q. Deco curtains comes with lining or not?

      A. Yes almost all of our curtains come with a lining, since Lining is important for your window. We don’t want your house windows to look red yellow green blue from outside.

      Q. Do we have the blackout curtains also or all of our curtains are black out or none of them?

      A. Currently we are not providing black out curtains, but coming up shortly.

      Q. How many curtains ideally suitable for a door/window?

      A. Use our curtain guide help available here

      Q. from which length, one should measure the length of the curtains for their door/window?

      A. One should measure the length of the curtain from curtain rod till floor, however you can view our measuring guide available here

  • Shipping & Returns

    Q. Where can I find details on shipping information?

    A. You can find details on shipping information under Shipping & Return Policy

    Q. Where can I find details on returns and refunds?

    A. You can find details on returns, cancellations and refunds under Return Policy

    Q. How do I cancel my order completely?

    A. If you are in the process of checking out, and decide you do not want to complete the order you can leave the check out process at anytime by using your browser back button, the checkout buttons that return you to the previous step, or clicking on the logo at the top of the page. If you are registered and logged in the items in your cart will remain there for your next visit. If you are not registered and logged in your cart will be deleted after 30 minutes of inactivity. (even if I am not registered, the item still remains in my shopping cart) Once you've checked out, we may not be able to cancel an order if it's already in the shipping process. To speak with a customer service representative and inquire about canceling or changing an order that's already been placed please call Decowindow at 1800-208-1222 or email us at

    Q. Do you ship overseas?


    Q. What is your usual delivery time ?

    All orders recieved ship within 24 working hours, Usually it takes about 3 days to be deliverd in metros and 4-5 days in other cities.

  • Orders

    Q.How do I order offline?

    A. you can order offline by calling us at 1800-208-1222.

    Q.How will I know that you have received my order?

    A. Once items have been ordered, a confirmation page will show a summary of your transaction. You may choose to print this for your records. An email version of this summary will be sent promptly, provided that we have an accurate email address. We'll send subsequent email(s) when your product ships, including tracking information (if available).

  • Miscellaneous

    Q.Which payment methods do you accept?

    A. You can find details on payment methods under Payment Methods in the footer of every page.

    Q.Is my credit card information secure?

    A. Yes, we encrypt all credit card information during transmission and storage, so that data is private and secure.

    Q. What should I do if my credit card is not authorized when placing an order?

    If your credit card is not authorized, first try to enter the credit card and billing information again. If you have re-entered the information correctly and still are not authorized, you can re-submit your order using a different card. For details on why your card was refused, please contact your card issuer.

    Q. Do I need to login to purchase items?

    Not necessary. You can also purchase without logging in. However, we only require a user name and password for you to log in and then you can continue shopping. Having a Decowindow account is highly recommended since you can store your personal address book, as well as other personalization features.

    Q. Do I need an account to purchase items?

    Not necessary. You can checkout without registering by clicking on ‘Skip Login and Checkout’. However, having a Decowindow account can give you advantages of securing personal information, tracking your orders and many more.

    Q. How can I retrieve my password?

    If you have forgotten your password, just go to the My Account page. Under “Forgot your Password” enter your email address that you registered your account with earlier and click on “Request a New Password.”

    How do I change my account information?

    To update your name, contact details or password log in to My Account

    How do I locate a retailer?

    You can find retailers to whom we supply in your close proximity under Find A Retailer

    Q. How do I get on your mailing list?

    A. To get emails for offers, discounts and sale enter your email address in the box (with a text ‘Sign up for Emails’) on the bottom right of every page of our website or contact our customer service representative at 1800-208-1222

    Q. How do I get in touch with a customer service representative?

    A. Call us at: 1800-208-1222

    Email us at:

    If your questions are not answered then you can contact us via postal mail to-

    Plot No.2

    Sector 40

    Greater Noida-201306

    Tel: 1800-208-1222

    If you have any other queries please fill a feedback after clicking on ‘Feedback’ on the right-middle of every page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Q. Any Questions not answered?

    A. If there are any questions that you feel have not been answered in the FAQ’s please fill a feedback form. We value your comments and encourage you to keep giving us feedback so that we can provide you with full satisfaction.