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  1. Acrylic Square Extendable Curtain Rod 132-366 cm Black Nickel 25mm
  2. 132-366 Cms Pegasus Iron 25mm Extendable Curtain Rod Satin Silver
    Special Price ₹3,079.00 Regular Price ₹4,399.00
  3. Flat Arrow Extendable Curtain Rod 92-168 Cms Black Matt 19MM
  4. Flat Arrow Extendable Curtain Rod 168-305 Cms Black Matt 19MM
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Buy Curtain Rods Online

Make your windows the focal point of your room. Treat them so well, that they instantly take centre stage. Highly functional, they provide you with the much-needed privacy and add to the room décor. Your curtains can change the look and feel of your room, so do your windows to perfection. When doing the windows, adopt a holistic approach and take care of curtains and other related accessories, to have a polished look. Your curtain rods and brackets should be equally stunning and eye-catching.

Curtain Rods are one of the most common and conventional arrangement to hang curtains. They come in different sizes, types, finishes, diameter, designs, brackets, fixed length or telescopic (extendable curtain rod) and material. The curtain rod or window hardware category may seem simple but with all the combinations and variety available in the market, it can be quite a task to settle for one.

Curtain rod may come as an essential window hardware for hanging all types of curtains, especially eyelet curtains, or pleated curtain with rings, back tabs, or rod pockets styles.

Extendible or Telescopic Curtain Rods

Most common type of curtain rods throughout the world, thanks to ease of selling and fixing them. Relatively less expensive, they come with loads of other advantages giving them an edge over other variants.

Why Extensible Curtain Rods?

Extendible Telescopic Curtain rods like the name suggest can be collapsed to a minimum or maximum specified size. Usually they range between 30 - 90 inches, giving the customer the benefit of expanding or reducing the length according to the window size. Being able to expand or collapse a telescopic rod also allows customers to re-use it on another window with a slightly different size from the base one. This truly comes quite beneficial for globe trotters. In today’s fast-paced life with frequent movement and shifting, such curtain rods are truly a saviour. Just keep adjusting and using the same sturdy one, again and again. Size Adjustment of rods also helps to avoid the hassle of cutting and refinishing rods to the desired size.

Sold in Sets, Extendible Telescopic Curtain rods need to be just bought and assembled. At Deco Window, Curtain rods are available in full sets. You get 2 Side End Finial Designs, 1 Extendible Curtain rod, 3 Curtain Rod brackets, 6 Screw and Wall plugs, and assembly instructions to place the curtain rod on the wall. This is a big advantage for customers as they don’t have to source their curtain rod parts individually or mix and match parts. Everything required for the curtain rod is there right inside one box making it super convenient.

Does the Make Matter?

Curtain Rod Materials usually does not impact the customer in a big way unless there is a special requirement. Nonetheless, it is important that the materials are treated for anti-corrosion and high grade metals are used for longevity and durability of the curtain rods. The hardness or the material also defines the weight a curtain rod can take. Decowindow Extendible Curtain rods are designed to withstand distributed weight of the curtains anywhere between 15kg to 35kg. So, you can opt for curtains of your choice, carefree.

Surface Finish or the colour of the curtain rod is another very important aspect. A good surface finish or colour protect the curtain rod against harsh weather and lasts longer. Besides, it also gives a modern or traditional touch to the rod. At Decowindow, we offer more than 10 different colour curtain rods design, with a choice from electro plated, powder coated, painted, and hand brushed finishes allowing our customers to accurately choose according to their room aesthetics.

Size Does Matter?

Extendible curtain rod can come in various sizes. Among others the common size range includes 33” – 66”, 52” – 144” , 28” – 48” or 44” – 108”. However, at Decowindow the most common size are 33” – 66” and 52”-144”. With this size range, our customers can use these extendible curtain rods on windows from 3 to 12 feet width. The 52” to 144” size curtain rod is a little unique as it offers a huge spectrum of possibility covering more than 80% of the common window sizes across the world.

Curtain Brackets

Along with Curtain Rods, one needs to buy the Curtain Brackets carefully too. They are the pillars for the curtain rod, bearing the entire weight of your curtain and rod. A good quality bracket will be die casted to withstand maximum weight and resist bending. They come in options of single and double brackets giving you the flexibility to add an extra valence or sheer with ease. And with corner or end curtain rod brackets, you can extend right up to the corner of the door or wall. Likewise, ceiling brackets give you the freedom to hangs curtains from the ceiling. At Decowindow, all are brackets are aluminium die casted and tested for maximum weight load ability. Coming in different finishes, sizes, and types, you can easily hand-pick what best suits your home ambience. Furthermore, at Decowindow you can also get special brackets and double curtain rod brackets to dress your windows the way you want.

The Finials

Considering every curtain accessory equally important, we pay careful attention to our Curtain Rod Ends or finials. They are so designed that you can easily give a contemporary or rustic touch to your home décor. At Decowindow, we carry more than 50 different finial options for curtain rods. Each Finial is by a consortium of designers ensuring it shines bright with most home décor aesthetics. Machine crafted, our curtain finials promise of perfection and sturdiness.

To make your windows the focal point, you can also add special accessories like curtain rings or curtain holders that match your curtain rod. It can also increase the functionality of your window hardware.

With every curtain rod you buy from Decowindow, you get 5-year warranty against bending or any manufacturing defects. Check for curtain rods online from Decowindow and get the best at home, itself.